Recently, the TV series "Qing Ping Le", which is popular on Hunan Satellite TV, has caused more discussion on the Internet. In addition to Wang Kai, Jiang Shuying, Zhang Tianai and other stars, Yu Entai, Liu Jun, Wu Yue and other powerful actors can also perform Remarkable. Especially, the bolder Wu Wu challenged the role of Empress Liu E, which brought a lot of surprises to the audience. But the attentive audience immediately discovered that Wu Yue's actual age was only ten years old, and Wang Kai played the mother of Wang Kai.

  Most of the empress dowagers in the impression are a little older, skilled actresses, and now they have a clear trend of youth and stardom. The audience has mixed opinions on this, but it is not difficult to notice that, as the highlight character of the costume drama, the encounter between the queen mother and the actress is like a performance test. The role control can only shake off the star's label and become a first-line actor. It was drowned in the Internet barrage, and it was difficult to turn over in a while.

  The role of the Queen Mother is highly demanding, and has high requirements for the actor's understanding, empathy, shaping and personality charm. This is related to the image of the queen mother. The Empress Dowager reflects the intersection of the family and the workplace. Internally, the relationship between husband and wife, mother-in-law, mother and child is intertwined, and externally it is the workplace to blame and upgrade, with a high degree of role complexity. To fully demonstrate the incompleteness and completeness of this role, the increasing age alone is far from enough, and it is necessary to mobilize the accumulation and experience of actors, so that the character has a high degree of convincing and personality characteristics, catering to the expectations of the audience. Therefore, the encounter with the role of the Queen Mother not only creates a lot of difficulties for the actress' performance, but also may become a transformation point for the middle-aged actress's performing arts career. It is the actor's repeated sanding and pinching of the character, and his belief in being a performer that will never retreat.

  Next, let ’s take a closer look at the "Queens" who are impressive on the screen.

Gui Yalei unearthed the mother-in-law's play "Queen of Dou"

  The first is Empress Dou played by Gui Yalei in "Hanwu Emperor". Empress Dou was famous in history for power and opposition, and is often referred to as the Lu Emperor. She was first elected to serve Lu in the palace when Emperor Huihui of the Han Dynasty, and was also crowned Empress by the Emperor Hanwen. She later assisted the emperor Hanjing and the emperor Hanwu to rule, and once contributed to the rule of Wenjing. Gui Yalei emphasized her mother-in-law's side in shaping her character, especially the empress dowager and blindness of her son and grandson as an ordinary mother. She said: "This role is more plump than similar roles I have played in the past. Although Empress Dou participated in politics and controlled the military power, she did not have the scheming as Wu Zetian. Because Empress Dou was a kind mother first, her interference in North Korea's politics came from The tempering of the king of a country, not because of personal ambitions. "

  This is not difficult to remind people of Wu Zetian, who she played in Daming Palace Ci, is also the eager mother of the beloved child, but Gui Yalei ’s performance is more indifferent and determined, highlighting the emperor ’s selfish love, Inflated ambitions. In "Hanwu Emperor", Empress Dou was more kind and kind, but also made mistakes by love, sometimes confused and self-willed, and sometimes alert and suspicious. At the same time, Gui Yalei still accurately displayed the dominance of the Queen Mother. She believes that the "property" of the royal temperament is very important. "The origin, education, and experience of a character directly determine the temperament of this character. Queen Dou, Even if you sigh, others will care, let alone open your mouth. " Gui Yalei grasps the multiple aspects of the female figure of the Queen Mother, and can walk into the audience more than the iron queen queen in history.

Siqin Gaowa shaped the rigid "Shuangzhuang Empress"

  The second is the Empress Xiaozhuang played by Siqin Gaowa in "Kangxi Dynasty". The play tells how after Emperor Shunzhi converted to Buddha, how Empress Xiaozhuang assisted the weak young Emperor Xuanye to take charge of the Qing government, and eventually contributed to the prosperity of Kang Qian. Siqin Gaowa was just 50 years old when he made the film, and was filmed in the same year as the TV series "Ozhaimen". Because of his hard and sturdy character display in the two dramas, Siqin Gaowa has since established a distinctive Performance style. The empress Xiaozhuang of the play removed her personal political ambitions. From the beginning of the play, she announced that she would abandon the curtain to listen to politics. She dedicated herself to assisting the emperor Sun Xuanye to recognize people, distinguish talents, and make peace with the world. Consciously pulled high.

  Siqin Gaowa portrayed the Empress Xiaozhuang as the image of a national mother, so she adopted the "positive person" modeling method in her performance. Her body is as loud as Hong Zhong, her hands are full of courage, and her heroic force is forced to abandon the woman's weakness, passion, suspicion and other characteristics. The domineering between the eyebrows reveals the heroism of a northern Mongolian woman. With her willing and vivid interpretation, she has achieved another ambition for women.

Sun Li and Tranquility failed to perfectly interpret the "Mian Ba ​​Zi"

  Sun Li played the role of Empress Dowager Moyue in the 2015 Biography of Chiyue, also known as Chiba, and historically known as "the first empress in Chinese history". For the lady who just walked out of "Zhen Huan" four years ago, Sun Li bluntly said that the role of Li Yue is quite difficult, especially the Chaotang drama needs strong courage and aura. At that time, the editor-in-chief Wang Xiaoping said to her: "When Zhiyue was in power, she could not tell whether she was a man or a woman." This sentence made Sun Limao stop, and she realized that the "Yueyue" above the temple was in the middle. Sexually, when dealing with government affairs, it is necessary to remove the identity of women and dominate the characters with male thinking.

  Sun Li called himself a few scenes completed in a "semi-crazy" state. Compared with the frankness and agility of the girl Miyue displayed in the first half of "The Legend of Miyue", after becoming a queen mother, her performances are indeed not in a state of madness and survival, often glaring, her eyes full of bloodshot, let The audience could not help feeling that Sun Li entered the play too deeply. Paired with thin eyebrows and thick eyeliners, it's really daunting. The actor's almost crazy performance is too hard, and the masculine performance style that excludes the female traits is the same, which makes the empress doomed.

  However, Tranquility also played the same role in "The Aspect of the Great Qin Empire" (2013) and "The Rise of the Great Qin Empire" (2017), and the age span in the play is also very large. It is inevitable that the two interpretations are better or worse. It was compared by fans. The Empress Dowager played by Tranquility is more ambitious and more ambitious. The Machiko in the play has a way of survival. He knows how to ride the wind up and down, see the tricks, and act with the camera.

  Tranquility views the character like this:

  "She can dress in a mess and say something that modern people don't dare to say. After her son and her got rid of the mustache, she also found her a boyfriend. I think this is something we can't do now."

  "In modern people's terms, she is a second-married woman who will remarry with her children. But she doesn't feel embarrassed at all, nor does the young woman feel that there is any problem because he married this woman."

  In this way, the queen mother really has the calm and straight temperament of the actor. However, such a spicy performance style has also caused some criticism. After all, a woman who can reach the position of the queen mother is not enough to rely on an unforgiving mouth. After ascending to the position of Empress Dowager, the quiet performance was slightly frivolous, so that some audiences confessed that she relied on "smoky makeup acting skills", the emotions were improperly controlled, and the personality was more than enough. It was a pity.

 Wu Yue tries to figure out the complex human nature of "Queen Liu"

  Let's return the topic to Wu Yue in "Qing Ping Le". In 2017, she was deeply rooted in her role as the third party Ling Ling in the TV series "My First Half of Life". In recent years, there have been many works. Not only did he play an unreliable single mother in the movie "You're You" last year, but he also challenged the costume play and played the princess who was a sharp tooth in "Da Ming Feng Hua". Liu E, the adoptive mother of Song Renzong, who challenged acting in "Qing Ping Le" this time, made everyone stand out from appearance to acting.

  The identity of the Queen Mother Liu in history was confused because of the case of "raccoon cat for prince", so there was Zhao Zhen's "Orphan Search for Mother" at the opening of "Qing Ping Le". This is precisely the complexity of the role of Liu E in the play: she followed the last words of Emperor Xian, took Zhao Zhen with one hand, and waited for the return of Jiangshan to him one day; and Zhao Zhen knew that Empress Liu was not her own. Mother, the trust between mother and child is cut off. The confrontation between the foster mother / child relationship raises the dimension of the role of the queen mother, and also increases the difficulty of playing.

  However, Wu Yue performed all kinds of difficult things as a stepmother. She showed great patience before her eyes, and she was in tears, showing the fragility and sensitivity of the female role of the queen mother. At the same time, Wu Yue also captured the toughness in the character of the Empress Dowager. In the face of the emperor and courtiers' difficulties, she resolutely competed for her place. All the complexity is prominently reflected in her look at Zhao Zhen: there is love, but more than love. Although there are only five episodes of Empress Liu ’s drama, Wu Yue successfully passed the “first test” of the Empress Dowager Screening Competition, which is undoubtedly a turning point in her acting career.

"Twin Flowers" Chen Chong, Wu Junmei should move quietly and move again

  In the 2018 hit drama "Ru Yi Zhuan", the topic of the topic is much higher than that of Zhou Xun, Huo Jianhua, Dong Jie, and Hu Ke, who are powerful celebrities. Play again on the same stage. This can't help but make the audience miss the twins of Queen Rongrong and Princess Wenxiu in "The Last Emperor". How they used the naive look of their 20s to grasp the complex fate of their characters. After years of rotation, the two international filmmakers met in the Qing Palace drama, and their spicy acting skills broke through the rigid aesthetics of the harem performance.

  Zhen Huan, played by Wu Junmei, showed the spirit of "siting on the hill and watching the tiger fighting". The essence of her performance is in a Tibetan character, and then she is firmly seated as the leader of the harem group. She hides her ambition to share the world with the emperor, and uses the emperor's concubine to stabilize her power. She sees through the ambitions of the queen and concubine, but hides and speaks for her own use. Therefore, in the performance, Wu Junmei tried to stop by the brakes and hold his heart. Meiyu shook it gently, and then anger, surprise, ridicule, and even contempt fell to the bottom of his heart. She teases the cat with a parrot, smokes a hookah with her eyes closed, her mind set, but her appearance is completely kind and graceful.

  In contrast to the stable, hidden image in Wu Junmei's play, although Chen Chong plays Yi Xiu's few plays, he is also very rich in Chen Chong's own characteristics, with a clear love and hatred, and a vibrant life. In the play, Chen Chong did not conceal the frustration and pain of being the favored concubine of the former emperor, and pushed the curtain call to the climax with a show of affection and ink.

  In the past, age issues were often the original intention of actresses to choose roles such as mothers and queen mothers, but unsuccessful cases abound, and embarrassing endings are not rare. Earlier, Chen Chong said in an interview with "Today's Film Critics · Performers' Statement": "From the perspective of the actor, in fact, the older she is, the deeper and deeper her accumulated emotions and experiences … No matter what age, there are always some new challenges and new tests. In fact, this may be the reason why we can be young. ”Wu Junmei and Chen Chong, the two actors, once again proved to the audience with an open and aggressive attitude that the age is right Actor is not a frame, but means countless moving characters.

  Feng Xue