[Commentary] A 3D printing experience hall in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a special "cultural" 3D printer, has been favored by students and parents. It is understood that these 3D printer innovations are combined with traditional Chinese medicine Mongolian medicine, traditional incense, and Mongolian milk foods. The things it prints are no longer models, but directly edible medicines and combustible incense. Not only that, in order to allow children who come to experience the new technology to be interested in traditional cultural content, the store will also print incense into stone lion, Maitreya Buddha, Laojun and other shapes.

  [Same period] Student Liu Dingning

  I learned the working principle of incense printing. I think it is very magical. Like magic, this machine can make these "silk threads" into a three-dimensional thing. I feel very happy, excited and excited, and I am very happy to come here and have a good time.

  [Commentary] The reporter learned that this experience hall not only integrates traditional cultural elements in style and materials, but the staff will also use their printed works as an example to introduce the origin of the Spring and Autumn Period while the children experience 3D printing. The traditional incense culture of the period introduces the Mongolian diet and Mongolian totem culture. This traditional way of "holding hands" with technology is also well received by parents.

  [Same period] Student parent Yang Zhijie

  Because we as an ethnic minority area in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, some of this traditional culture with ethnic characteristics must be inherited and carried forward. In this process of inheritance and development, we need to provide some platforms for our parents or those with more technological content. Then we will take the children to experience some of the rich and beautiful knowledge this high technology has brought us.

  [Commentary] Jia Ainan, the person in charge, told reporters that these 3D printers currently use three-dimensional drawing data as the basis, use powder-diluted adhesive materials, and construct objects by layer-by-layer accumulation through nozzle printing. In order for the 3D printer to print these objects directly, Jia Ainan and his team went through the process of trial and error.

  [Same period] Jia Ainan, general manager of Inner Mongolia Jianan Technology Co., Ltd.

  Because of its unique molding technology, 3D printing can break through some of the limitations that our traditional production process has brought to our creators on our appearance, and can better release their creative abilities. In the current era of informatization artificial intelligence, the integration of this traditional culture and technological innovation has become a development trend of cultural industries at home and abroad. We hope that while inheriting and carrying forward traditional culture more, we will combine high and new technologies to enhance some of the core competitiveness and sustainable development of our cultural industry on the international stage, and contribute to our technological innovation in Inner Mongolia .

  (Reporter Chen Feng Hohhot reports)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]