A building struck by a peril order in Marseille. - Adrien Max / 20 Minutes

In the event of an unpaid invoice, go to the SPA for animals. The collective of November 5, born in Marseille following the tragedy in the rue d'Aubagne, is concerned about the end of the assumption of the costs of keeping pets for people dislodged by the mayor of Marseille.

"The Marseille City Council recently sent a letter to social services and to the hoteliers hosting the displaced persons announcing that it will no longer pay the costs of keeping pets," the group said in a press release. Who estimates the cost of the economy expected by the town hall to around 300 euros per family, or 15,000 euros in total. If the families do not pay the sum, the animals will then be sent to the SPA for adoption, or euthanasia. The group which denounced the “cynicism” of the town hall during this period of confinement, calls on families not to pay the bill, and on hoteliers to send it directly to town hall.


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