The family of (Abu Haitham - 52 years - Jordanian) faces difficult financial circumstances, which made it unable to pay the rental arrears for the house in which they live, threatening (Abu Haitham) to enter the prison as a result of the accumulation of rents worth 19 thousand and 578 dirhams, and his family of five became, Threatened of displacement in the event of non-payment and the owner expelling them from the residence.

(Abu Haitham) was unable to pay the accumulated amount on his shoulders, after completing his services from work during 2018, due to the loss of the company he was working in, and after that he continued to live on the end of service reward, then the debts began to accumulate on his shoulders, especially since his son (Haitham) is suffering Bone cancer disease five years ago, spent all his money and savings on treating him, to save his life.

Once in prison, his family will become without a breadwinner, and the family does not have any steady source of income to depend on, as they receive assistance from family, friends and neighbors, which barely meet their daily needs, appealing to the people of good and merciful hearts to extend a helping hand to them, to save him from the prison that awaits him in If his financial obligations are not paid.

(Abu Haitham) told «Emirates Today» that his life was going normally, and he does not face any financial difficulties, but since 2018 his financial situation began to deteriorate rapidly, especially after the termination of his services as a result of the loss of the company he was working in, and all his financial savings were exhausted, pointing Until his condition deteriorated dramatically, after he ran out of all the money he saved in treating his son who has bone cancer.

(Abu Haitham) added that he was unable to pay the rental installments due to spending his money on treating his son, and trying to manage his life, and he is now threatened with entering the prison, especially after the owner of the house filed a lawsuit, requesting him to pay the rent arrears amounting to 19 thousand and 578 dirhams, stressing that the conditions The difficult financial situation he is going through prevents him from securing this amount at the present time.

He added that he «tried to resort to several destinations within the state to help him solve his problem, but to no avail, and currently he does not know how to get out of this impasse.»

(Abu Haitham) continued that he became very anxious and feared that his family would be displaced, appealing to the people of benevolence and merciful hearts to help him in managing the rent arrears due to him in light of the difficult circumstances he is going through.