Popularity upgrade! Beijing hits 31 ℃ today and will hit a new high this year

  China Weather News this week, sunny warming is the theme of Beijing's weather, the highest temperature may exceed 30 ℃ for several consecutive days. It is estimated that today (29th), the maximum temperature in Beijing will reach 31 ℃. From tomorrow onwards, the maximum temperature will rise again, and it will be hotter in the first half of the May Day holiday, which may reach 33 ℃ on May 2. The weather is dry and dry, you need to pay attention to the safety of fire to prevent it from "burning".

  Yesterday, the weather in Beijing was sunny, and the sun pushed the temperature up. Monitoring shows that the maximum temperature of the southern suburban observatory reaches 27.9 ℃, but the temperature difference between day and night is large. In the morning, the minimum temperature of the southern suburban observatory is only 9.2 ℃.

  Today, the temperature in Beijing continues to rise. According to a forecast released by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 6 this morning, today is partly sunny and cloudy during the day, with south winds 2 and 3 being at level 4, with a maximum temperature of 31 ° C;

  Three days after tomorrow, Beijing will be in charge of the sunny day, and the temperature will rise to another level. During this round of warming, it is expected that the maximum temperature on May 2 will reach 33 ° C. At present, the orange warning of forest fire insurance is still in effect, and attention should be paid to fire prevention.

  Recently, Beijing has a strong ultraviolet ray, and travel to pay attention to sunscreen and hydration. Yang Liuxu is facing the outbreak period again. People with allergies need to be protected. In addition, as the May Day holiday is approaching, the public should try to avoid crowd gathering and wear masks correctly.