After 25 years of absence, "Streets of Rage" is back in service and imposes its inimitable and timeless style - Sega / Dotemu

  • More than 25 years after the third and last episode, the “Streets of Rage” franchise is back on consoles, and it will hurt (in fact, it feels good)
  • The game developed by French studios achieves the perfect balance between retrogaming and next gen
  • Ideal for short sessions, the title is timely for nostalgic and confined parents

He was one of the worthy representatives of the fighting game, and more precisely of the beat 'em all, and one of the flagship titles of the Mega Drive. Streets of Rage rocked, and let off steam, many gamers, with a second episode, one of the best of its kind. After three games in the early 1990s, the license disappeared from radar, despite failed attempts to return to Saturn and Dreamcast, and fan tributes, the creations Beasts of Rage and Streets of Rage Remake . Suffice to say that the announcement in August 2018 of its official return had its small effect, especially since this Streets of Rage 4 is developed by the French studios Dotemu and Lizardcube, to whom we owe the super remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap.

'Streets of Rage 4' is finally coming! The long-awaited game hits PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on April 30

(via @Dotemu)

- Fandom (@getFANDOM) April 17, 2020

New out of old

Almost thirty years later, what remains of Streets of Rage  ? If this sequel is clearly a fan game, for fans and by fans, it remains a real beat'em all. And a very good one. The developers did not choose the pixelart approach, but a graphic revised and corrected by the line of Ben Fiquet, at the crossroads of comics and manga. We think a lot about Lastman (Balak signs the credits of the game), and we can have the impression of "playing" a cartoon (cuckoo Comix Zone). The concept remains the same, namely a fighting game with horizontal scrolling, and sometimes diagonal, with its slew of enemies. The nostalgic player will recognize them at first glance, and punch, even if they are joined by new acolytes, more or less tough but always in the spirit of Streets of Rage .

Ohlala this trailer for Streets of Rage 4 is crazy ^^ we will be able to unlock lots of retro characters and the bo of 1 and 2 is also in it ^^
big nostalgia digest in addition to the new game \ o / https : //

- ExServ (@ exserv85) April 8, 2020

Revised and enriched gameplay

Same observation with our heroes, and the return of Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, supported by the daughter of Adam Hunter, Cherry, and by Floyd Iraia, apprentice of Dr. Zan of Street of Rage 3 . All the characters in the franchise are unlockable after a while, depending on your score and in their different retro versions. If the big bad Mr. X is absent, his children, the twins Y, have taken over and terrorize the city. So much for the story, actually.

Streets of Rage also shone by the simplicity of its gameplay, and it is still the case, even if it seems almost limited today and has therefore been enriched with new features: combos, rebound of weapons, star attack ... There are many possibilities, as in any good modern fighting game, and the game gains in dynamism and madness. Especially four. Because yes, Streets of Rage 4 is playable solo, two online, and up to four locally. A happy mess.

Streets of Rage 4: Limited Run Games has unveiled its collector's edition, for pre-order on May 1 on the Limited Run Games website.

Limited to 1500 units on Switch and 1000 on PS4, it is displayed at 149.99 dollars (around 138 euros).

- (@JVCom) April 29, 2020

For the nostalgic and confined parent, who does not have time to make Final Fantasy VII Remake , the return of Streets of Rage is a boon, ideal for short sessions, with different game modes (story, boss fight, duel), and a natural penchant for retro. Ah, this music! Raaah these collector's editions!


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