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  • 10,000 kits, containing two masks and a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel, will be sold in metro stations in Lyon.
  • Sytral, which manages the Lyon public transport network, is currently testing several innovative solutions.
  • Among them, a contactless disinfectant terminal for washing hands or a UV robot that cleans metro trains.

We now know more about sanitary measures, which will be applied in the Lyon public transport network from May 11 and discussed last week. In detail, 10,000 kits, each containing two masks and a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel, will be sold in the various metro stations. For a price between 3.5 and 4 euros.

These kits will be stored in 70 vending machines, usually reserved for snacks and drinks. Bottles of gel will also be available by the end of this week.

Disinfectant terminal for washing hands

In addition, Sytral, which manages the TCL network, is currently testing a contactless disinfectant terminal so that travelers can wash their hands. "This innovative solution allows an efficient and rapid disinfection (7 seconds) thanks to the projection of a biocidal lotion, natural and ecological", he explains. This connected terminal, with a capacity of 2,000 uses, emits the level of lotion available in real time.

A first machine, manufactured by a young Grenoble start-up, was installed on Monday at the Part-Dieu station. In the coming weeks, 9 other copies will be deployed gradually. “This will increase collective awareness that hand hygiene is a public health issue. We are also studying the possibility of setting up supports for hydro-alcoholic gel in the trams, ”specifies Fouziya Bouzerda, the president of Sytral.

A UV robot tested to clean the trains

Among the other tracks studied: the use of a robot responsible for disinfecting, using UV rays, rolling stock. Namely the metro and tram lines. Already used in hospitals, this robot will be tested from Wednesday in a metro train. Finally, in the coming days, Sytral will also experiment with a dry steam device that cleans and disinfects buses with a virucidal effect. "This process allows complete cleaning of the vehicle in just 15 minutes," he says.

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“We are working on different scenarios to organize the recovery conditions going in the direction of continuing the efforts undertaken since the start of confinement and guaranteeing the safety of staff and users even if wearing a mask appears as the first essential measure in public transport ”, concludes Fouziya Bouzerda.


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