The number of people on the 26th decreased by over 80% in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya New Corona April 27th 12:30

The number of people nationwide on the 26th, when people called for staying out in places such as "Stay Home Week" in Tokyo, was reduced by more than 80% in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya compared to before infection spread.

NTT Docomo collects data from 47 prefectures nationwide in a form that protects privacy based on information from mobile phone base stations.

26 days turnout of 3 o'clock when the afternoon, than from this year in mid-January before the infection spread to the average of the holiday of mid-February, in the target area of the original emergency declaration 87.8% in the peripheral ▽ Umeda Osaka
▽ In Tokyo and around Shinjuku, the reduction rate was 81.9%, exceeding 80%.

In addition,
▽ around Yokohama Station 78.9%
▽ Fukuoka around Tenjin 78.3%
▽ around Omiya Station 74.8%
▽ around Chiba Station 73.4%
▽ decreased by 72.6% around Sannomiya Station in Hyogo Prefecture.

In the six other prefectures designated as “special vigilance prefectures”,
▽ Nagoya Station area was 80.9%, a decrease of more than 80% and
▽ Kyoto Station area was 76.7%
▽ Kanazawa Station area was 74.8%
▽ It was a 73.6% decrease around Sapporo Station.
▽ 60.2% around Mito station ▽
56% around Gifu station.

The number of people in 13 prefectures declined significantly compared to Saturday on the 25th.

In areas other than “special caution prefectures,”
71% around Sendai Station
53.9% around Marugame Town, Takamatsu City ▽
48.9% around Hiroshima Station.

Sightseeing area Tokyo's Asakusa area around Kaminarimon only decreased by 61%

KDDI collects the number of people in major tourist destinations nationwide based on the location information of the smartphone after obtaining the user's consent.

According to it, comparing the population at 3:00 pm on the 26th before the infection spread and comparing it with the holiday from mid-January to mid-February,
▽ 87.9% around Karuizawa station in Nagano prefecture ▽ Around
Meriken Park in Kobe city 79.2%
▽ Around Maruyama Park in Kyoto City 64.1%
▽ Tokyo around Asakusa Kaminarimon 61.4%
▽ Around 59% around Kamakura Station in Kanagawa Prefecture