Actor Lee Byung-hun's younger brother and Miss Korea-born Lee Ji-an explained the rumors.

Lee Ji-an, who appeared in SBS Plus, "Do you eat Kim Soo-mi's rice?" Broadcast on the 27th, said, "I started working again, but I am worried about how I will be seen by people." I am worried about who will be, and I'm also worried about living with the misunderstanding of using my brother's halo. "

Lee Ji-an was a senior who started working in the entertainment industry nine years before Lee Byung-hun, debuting as a child model after receiving street casting at the age of five. Lee Ji-an, who appeared in more than 200 CFs, is the representative Korean beauty who won the title in the 1996 Miss Korea competition.

Lee Ji-an said, "Since I was young, I was born exotic, and wherever I went, my aunts would ask, 'Will you fry?'" "I had a rumor that my grandfather was French when I was in high school. Later, when I made my debut, there were stories of 'My step sisters,' 'My mother is different,' and 'My father is different,'" Lee Byung-hun and his half-brother rumored. He said.

Lee Ji-an, who said that he resembled his father and brother's appearance a lot, said, "Oh, you were ugly. It's been used a lot now. My brother has a little skin, but when he was young, he looks a little clumsy when he is young." It brought out laughter with a human expression.

(SBS funE Reporter Sunae Kang)