Boris Johnson, March 22, 2020. - Ian Vogler / AP / SIPA

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Coronavirus: Back from convalescence, Boris Johnson expected at the turn on containment

Boris Johnson, recovered from coronavirus disease, finds his Prime Minister's office this Monday with a delicate equation to solve: how to restart the British economy without risking a second peak that would wipe out the benefits of the sacrifices made so far? Returning from his Checkers home, where he spent two weeks convalescing, the 55-year-old Conservative leader is under increasing pressure to unveil his strategy on the evolution of containment, in effect for a month in the United Kingdom. The Daily Telegraph , close to the conservative leader, evokes a relaxation of containment, while The Guardian (left) headlines on the criticisms that will have to face Boris Johnson.


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Coronavirus: Henri Weber, figure of May 68 and of the PS, dies from Covid-19

L'Ile-Saint-Denis: "A bicot like that, it doesn't swim"… The IGPN seized after the dissemination of racist comments during a police arrest

The broadcast on Twitter of a video in which the police made racist and offensive remarks provoked on Sunday the police force and the anger of an LFI deputy. In this video posted on Sunday afternoon on the Twitter account of the journalist of the site Over there if I am there, Taha Bouhafs, police officers are filmed after an arrest and make racist comments to the attention of a qualified suspect of "bicot". The scene clearly takes place at night and on Ile-Saint-Denis, according to Taha Bouhafs.

North Korea: Kim Jong-un is "alive and well", says Seoul

Kim Jong-un is "alive and well," said South Korean President Moon Jae-in's special adviser on national security, downplaying the seriousness of rumors about suspected health problems of the North Korean leader. "Our government's position is firm," councilor Moon Chung-in told American television station CNN on Sunday. "Kim Jong-un is alive and well." The adviser added that the North Korean leader had been staying since April 13 in Wonsan, a seaside resort in the east of the country. "No suspicious action has so far been detected," he said.


North Korea: train believed to be by Kim Jong-un spotted in coastal city

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