Development of a new antibody test method to confirm in clinical trials Osaka City University April 27, 19:00

Currently, we are confirming whether we are infected with the new coronavirus by PCR test, but the problem is that the number of tests does not increase. A group at Osaka City University has announced that it has developed a new test method to detect antibodies to the virus and check whether it is infected, and will confirm in clinical trials whether it can actually be used for diagnosis.

When you are infected with a virus, a protein called an antibody is made, and you can tell if you have been infected by an antibody test that checks whether it is in the blood.

A research group of Associate Professor Yasutoshi Kido and others at Osaka City University announced that they have developed a new method that can be used to confirm the presence or absence of infection with the new coronavirus that is currently being tested by PCR.

As a result, the new antibody testing method detects antibodies produced by reacting with proteins on the surface of the virus, making it easier to detect antibodies produced immediately after infection, and only the experience of infection in the past Not only that, it also tells you if you are currently infected.

The research group has begun clinical trials on already infected and uninfected people to see if the new method can be used to confirm the infection, and results will be available as early as next month.

Associate professor Kido said, "It is a method that complements the PCR test, and the result can be seen quickly. I would like to make it available for diagnosis in the medical field promptly."