Abu Yusef (Egyptian) needs 77,480 dirhams to pay his school fees arrears in a private school in Abu Dhabi, in addition to 110 thousand dirhams, the value of his rental arrears, which threatens his imprisonment.

And (Abu Yousef) has been unemployed for two years, and his wife is the only breadwinner for the family, and her salary barely meets the requirements of their lives, and they appeal to the people of good and merciful hearts to extend a helping hand to them, so that they can face the circumstances of their lives.

(Abu Yusuf) told «Emirates Today»: “My financial situation worsened in 2019, after I lost my job in one of the companies I was working with as an electrical engineer with a salary of 25 thousand dirhams, and I was living a quiet and stable life, but the job loss affected my financial stability, what It led to the accumulation of rent, tuition fees and some debts on my part, which would lead to my imprisonment, and preventing my two sons from completing their studies for the current year. ”

He added: “After I became unemployed, our situation became worse, and a year ago my wife started working in a school in Abu Dhabi, and she earns a salary of 8600 dirhams, from which 2000 dirhams go to bank installments.”

He continued, "I knocked on several doors to find a job through which I could support my son and help my wife, but I did not agree."

He added: “My son is in the tenth grade, and my daughter is in the ninth grade, and they are both academic students, and dreaming of becoming engineers.

He explained, "I am having difficulty paying the rent arrears of my apartment in which I lived, as the rental arrears for the two years amounted to 110 thousand dirhams, 40 thousand for the year 2018, and 70 thousand for the year 2019, and I am afraid that we will become without housing, or enter the prison, if the rent amount is not paid."

I appeal to people with compassionate hearts to help me pay back the tuition fees, pay the rent arrears, and save me from prison.

Abu Yousef: “After I became unemployed, our situation became worse.”