The first national football team is currently going through a vacuum, after the decision of the Football Association, in coordination with the new technical committee, to dismiss Serbian coach Jovanovic, with whom the team did not play any match, whether official or friendly.

The current stage will witness consultations on the selection of the new technical staff for the national team, whether it is a national coach or a foreigner, especially as the next stage will not accept any failures in light of contesting the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and Asian Cup 2023.

Regardless of the nationality and identity of the trainer, several criteria must be established, upon which the new trainer is chosen, as the first reason for success.

There is no doubt that the strength of the character is one of the most important criteria for the success of any coach, so that he can impose his control on the players, his control over the discipline inside and outside the stadium, especially the external camps ... and his personality in choosing the names of the players, according to their data in the local and continental competitions .. and required in a coach The new team must have sufficient experience in the Emirati, Gulf and Asian football, and he has previously worked in the region or similar environments, because this helps him to adapt and harmonize quickly with the team, besides getting used to the atmosphere, and achieving the desired results.

It is also required in the new coach that he has a mind and personality who always strives to achieve the championships, and that he has previously won the championships, so that it is usual for him, and that the players will be convinced of the coach's thought and plans after making sure of his achievement of the championships.

There is no excuse for any coach who leads the national team for the next stage of the qualifying rounds for the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 AFC Asian Cup to achieve the best results, after granting the terrifying trio of nationality, namely: Tigali Lima and Caio, and these elements enhance the strength of the team, qualification and success of any coach.

The role of the technical committee for the national football teams in the technical opinion is the correct view in choosing the appropriate coach, and setting a clear strategy and the goals of the football federation for the team’s progress map in the next four years, in coordination with the technical committee, the professional league association, the football association, and the new coach in developing a long-term program ( Four years to come), from internal and external camps, strong friendly matches, and formal benefits, in an organized and professional manner, without prejudice to the program, unless any new emergency situation arises.

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The new coach is required to be an intellect and personality who always strives to achieve championships.