China News Service, Beijing, April 26 (Reporter Gao Kai) "After my mother passed away, a big change for me was that I was more aware of where I was in my life, and I was standing in the sunset all at once. , I saw the moonlight at once, and also saw the step where the sky was getting dark. "

  The well-known presenter Jing Yidan recently released the essay set "Moon Moonlight Before the Bed", which misses the passing mother. The book describes delicately and affectionately the daughter Jing Yidan, who is thinking about life and family at the bedside of her mother.

  On the 26th, Jing Yidan said in an interview with the media, "This book is about yesterday, but this book is written for tomorrow. When we face tomorrow today, when we face the future, no matter what The age group will encounter such topics as the progress of life, so in the face of time, life, and tomorrow, we better have life thinking from now on, and more life thinking. "

Jing Yidan. Civil Engineering Photo

  Jing Yidan said that the title of "Moon Moonlight in Bed" came to mind before the mother's bed. "Companionship in front of the bed was a very painful experience. At that time, I felt that my mother came into the night little by little. , But even in the darkest moments, there is light in the last stage of life, that is, moonlight. "

  Jing Yidan said that the writing of "Moon Moonlight Before Bed" is first to complete the mother's request, "Mom told me in the bed, you can write this paragraph, I can't write it, my mother is a person who is accustomed to record, I do this when she has no ability to record. And I feel in my heart, if I do n’t record it in this way, it seems that it is difficult for me to calm myself. "

  Jing Yidan admitted that this writing is a painful process and a painful record. "However, in this process, I felt that I knew my loved ones more clearly, I knew myself, and I knew the bloodline, so Even if it is painful, this record is valuable. "

  "I have another idea to write this book. I want to have an in-depth exchange with my children about my life , I think this kind of loss of bereavement, if there is an in-depth communication between loved ones, we will have more emotions and more understanding. "Jing Yidan said.

  Facing the current epidemic, Jing Yidan sighed, "The epidemic became more and more serious when I wrote this book, so during that time I was able to understand the heartbreak of the bereaved, so I do n’t think the bereaved is alone. Pain, in the face of such an unprecedented epidemic, the pain felt by so many bereaved people needs everyone to talk to each other and comfort each other. "

  In the postscript of "Moon Moonlight Before the Bed", Jing Yidan wrote, "For the bereaved beasts, the pain is in the heart, the question of life and death is accompanied by the rest of life. Although in front of the huge suffering, 'healing' Words like 'healing' seem very weak, but, after all, the days are still in sight. Maybe, we need to talk and release, we need to embrace and warm, and comfort each other. "(End)