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This Sunday marks the start of the de-escalation . With positive data on infections and deaths from coronavirus as the basis, Spain today begins the relaxation in the containment measures. From this morning, the children can go for a walk for an hour. From next Saturday the general population will be able to do it.

With a slight rebound on Saturday, the daily Covid-19 death toll has remained below the psychological boundary of 400 in recent days.

Coronavirus data in Spain

    Total figures: 223,759 cases of coronavirus diagnosed by PCR and antibody test, 22,902 deaths

  • 62,510 in Madrid (7,848 dead)
  • 47,288 in Catalonia (4,498 deaths)
  • 18,525 in Castilla-La Mancha (2,292 dead)
  • 18,259 in Castilla y León (1,639 dead)
  • 14,132 in the Basque Country (1,212 dead)
  • 12,824 in Andalusia (1,131 deaths)
  • 11,123 in the Valencian Community (1,172 dead)
  • 9,116 in Galicia (388 dead)
  • 5,382 in Aragon (709 dead)
  • 5,274 in Navarra (429 dead)
  • 4,946 in La Rioja (311 dead)
  • 3,458 in Extremadura (416 dead)
  • 2,546 in Asturias (239 dead)
  • 2,155 in the Canary Islands (130 dead)
  • 2,315 in Cantabria (182 dead)
  • 1,907 in the Balearic Islands (174 dead)
  • 1,756 in Murcia (126 dead)
  • 118 in Melilla (2 dead)
  • 125 in Ceuta (4 dead)
  • 95,708 people have been cured
  • They have tested positive 37,103 toilets

8.29 Almost 6 million children under 14 will take walks from today

According to the latest data from the INE , 5.8 million minors between 0 and 13 years old reside in Spain , 13.1% of the entire population. From this Sunday, April 26, they will be able to alleviate their confinement by taking an hour-long walk a day, within a radius of one kilometer from their home. An adult living with them, who may also be a licensed household employee, may accompany up to 3 children.

The walks can be made from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., although it is recommended to avoid peak hours, and they are compatible with those already authorized for minors with special needs and single-parent families.

Of course, boys and girls who present symptoms or are in home isolation due to a diagnosis by Covid-19 , or are in a period of home quarantine because they have had contact with someone with symptoms or diagnosed with Covid may not take walks. 19 . Europa Press reports.

8.28 Sánchez meets with the CCAA two days after approving the de-escalation plan

President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez , meets Sunday by video conference with the presidents of the autonomous communities, with whom he departirá on plans deconfinement just two days after the Council of Ministers approved the plan for de - escalation .

The chief executive will discuss with his autonomous counterparts the plans for the progressive return to activity after the period of isolation linked to the state of alarm, reports Efe.

8.24 French children will return to classrooms on May 11

The French government will present this Tuesday before the National Assembly its plan for the end of the confinement, which is scheduled for May 11 , the local media advanced this Saturday.

Among the points of the initiative that have been leaked is that the return to the classrooms be made in stages over three weeks. The French Presidency stressed this week that it contemplates that this return be voluntary, at the decision of the parents, reports Efe.

2.51 Record of deaths from coronavirus in the USA with 2,494 in the last 24 hours

The United States recorded a new maximum death toll from the coronavirus, with 2,494 in the past 24 hours, according to figures provided Saturday night by Johns Hopkins University, used as a reference.

With this figure, the deceased amounts to a total of 53,511, with 936,293 confirmed infections, according to the university count at 8:30 p.m. (0030 GMT on Sunday).

The United States is the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, both in terms of known infections and deaths. The 2,494 figure was a jump from Friday, when it recorded the fewest deaths from the virus in nearly three weeks, 1,258.

2.40 Argentina extends quarantine, but will allow one hour of daily walks

Argentina today extended the quarantine in which it lives since March 20, although President Alberto Fernández announced an expected measure: the possibility of going out, every day, for an hour to walk. "We will be able to go up to a radius of 500 meters from the house for recreational activity, but not to play sports. As a society we open ourselves to a new challenge, to see if we can take advantage of this leisure time without opening a greater risk."

The third South American economy reports to date 3,780 cases of coronavirus, with 185 dead. Fernández, without specifying until when the quarantine is extended, also announced that urban centers with more than half a million inhabitants will strictly follow it, while those of smaller size will be able to make isolation more flexible according to what each provincial government decides. The head of state, who stressed that the rate of duplication of infections went from 3.3 days on March 20 to 17.1 on April 25, emphasized that the possibility of going for a walk does not include doing sports, an expectation that he He himself had opened a message to the country two weeks ago, reports Sebastián Fest .

1.31 Algeria relaxes confinement to save the economy

The Algerian regime decided today to relax the confinement and authorize the opening of shops to tackle the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its fragile economy, mired in an acute crisis due to the collapse of oil and gas prices, raw materials on which it depends.

Despite the fact that the virus has officially killed about 500 people and infected more than 6,000, the Prime Minister's office announced that businesses dedicated to the sale of construction materials and public works, such as ceramics, are authorized to open. , articles of painting, carpentry, pipes and piping.

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