Sino-Singapore Online, April 25 (Chen Jing, Ni Li) On October 6, 2019, the giant panda Jiajia gave birth to a male "baby" at the Shanghai Wildlife Park, and the nurses called it "Jiajiazi". The park revealed on the 25th that Jia Jiazai, who was half a year old, officially met with tourists.

  It is reported that Jiajiazai weighed 185 grams at birth and reached 1542 grams at the age of one month. Now Jiajiazai, who is over half a year old, weighs more than 18 kilograms. When he was a child, Jia Jiazi was slender, with a pointed mouth and a particularly timid appearance. Now the little guy is getting more and more rounded, with big bright eyes, and his character becomes particularly lively. Nowadays, Jiajiazai is getting more and more courageous and likes to climb high and can climb from the end of the perch to the highest point. Sometimes, it scares the dads who are afraid of falling.

Jia Jiazi's personality is particularly lively, her courage is getting bigger and bigger, and she likes to climb high. Huang Quanshe

  Sometimes, Jia Jiazi will also show the "little warm man" side, it will stick Jia Jia's mother to coquettish; sometimes there will be a way to learn to bite bamboo shoots and bamboo leaves with her mother. The little guy is sometimes a "little trick": he will snatch food from his mother's mouth, will deliberately pounce on his mother's ear while eating ...

  The reporter saw in the exhibition area of ​​the Giant Panda Pavilion that the garden has set up a blessing wall, hoping visitors to write down blessings for the mother and child of the giant panda; in the exhibition area, multiple TV screens show the growth of the giant panda Jia Jiazi; The screen also opened the live broadcast function.

Jia Jiazi is with her mother. Huang Quanshe

  It is reported that in recent years, with the strong support of the China Giant Panda Conservation Research Center, the first pair of giant panda dragons and phobias in the East China region was born in Shanghai Base of China Giant Panda Protection Research Center in 2016; Baojin, Panda Qianjin, and Panda come to the world one after another. Here every year, panda cubs are born and grow; the birth of the giant panda Jiajiazai strengthens the panda's "team" in Shanghai, in order to spread the panda culture 1. While constructing a platform for the concept of wildlife protection, it brings infinite happiness to both Chinese and foreign tourists. (Finish)