While the role of home-visit nursing care is increasing, “national support is insufficient” New Corona April 25, 4:03

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, approximately 900 nursing care centers around the country, mainly day service type, are closed, and the role of visiting care as an alternative service is increasing.
Under such circumstances, the representative of the organization that operates the home-visit nursing care business office held a press conference and complained that "the country's support for home-visit nursing care is insufficient and we cannot continue to care with peace of mind."

This press conference is hosted by the Japan Press Club on the 24th via the Internet, and Misato Kojima, a representative of the NPO “Living Net En” in Saitama, which operates a home-visit nursing care facility, explains the current situation of home-visit nursing care. Did.

Among them, Kojima representative will submit a request form to the country with the representatives and helpers of other establishments in the beginning of this month, and proceed with infection prevention measures for helpers, such as giving priority to masks and protective clothing. He also asked for special allowances to be provided for visiting care for infected and concentrated contacts, but said that no new measures were shown.

In addition, he said, "I think that I am lightly thinking that I should ask for home-visit nursing care if the day service is closed. The state's support is inadequate, and I can not continue to care with confidence."

In addition, “In some cases, we have to visit a user who is suspected to be a rich contact person or who has a fever, and the helper is very nervous in the care. If this situation continues, Even if the situation goes away, there is a risk that home-visit care facilities will be shut down across the board, and we would like you to recognize that home care is in danger of collapsing. "

The representatives of Kojima will submit the request form to the country again.