Extended deadline for inspection of radiation equipment used for cancer treatment, etc. New Corona April 25, 4:02

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has decided to extend the inspection deadline for radiation devices used in cancer treatment.
This is because the spread of the new coronavirus will make it difficult to arrange an inspection company in the future, and some medical institutions may be unable to use the device.

Devices that use radioactive substances, such as those that irradiate cancer, are required by law to be tested within 3 or 5 years for each type.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is in charge of the safety of the equipment, held a temporary meeting on the 24th and decided to extend the inspection deadline.

With the spread of new coronavirus infections, the Regulatory Commission is increasing the number of home teleworkers and refraining from business trips while a new coronavirus infection is spreading, so it will be difficult to make arrangements in the future, This is because there is a risk that some medical institutions may not be able to use the device within the deadline and cannot use the device.

It is said that how much the deadline will be extended will be decided depending on the future situation.

The Regulatory Commission said, "There are no reports that medical devices cannot be used at the moment, but we would like to take measures beforehand to reduce the impact on the site. If there is a problem with the device, we will continue to request prompt reports as before." is.

In addition, we plan to extend the inspection deadline for industrial radiation equipment such as factories.