China News Service, April 17 (Xinhua) According to the website of the Heilongjiang Health and Welfare Committee, on April 16, 2020, 0-24 hours, 3 newly confirmed cases (Harbin) and 5 asymptomatic infections were added in Heilongjiang Province (4 cases in Harbin, 1 case in Mudanjiang), 2 new suspected cases (Mudanjiang) were added. As of 24:00 on April 16, a total of 508 locally confirmed cases were reported, 26 cases are currently confirmed (Harbin), and 21 cases are asymptomatic (20 cases in Harbin and 1 case in Mudanjiang). The number of hot clinics on the day was 1251. A total of 17,092 close contacts have been tracked, 16,396 people have been dismissed from medical observation, and 696 people are still undergoing medical observation.

  From 0-24 April 16th, 2020, the province added 8 newly confirmed cases imported from abroad (overseas imported asymptomatic infections turned into 4 confirmed cases), all of whom are Chinese nationality, imported from Russia, of which: Jilin Province 3 Cases, 2 cases in Heilongjiang Province, 1 case in Guangdong Province, 1 case in Fujian Province, and 1 case in Hebei Province. As of 24:00 on April 16, a total of 364 confirmed imported cases were reported overseas, including: 113 cases in Heilongjiang Province and 251 cases in other provinces; 362 confirmed cases imported abroad; 5 existing suspected cases imported overseas; cumulative overseas cures Two cases were discharged. 2093 close contacts were traced overseas, 756 medical observations have been dismissed, and 1,337 are still undergoing medical observations.

  On April 16, 2020, from 0 to 24 hours, one new case of asymptomatic infection imported from abroad, Chinese nationality, Heilongjiang Province, was imported from Russia. As of 24:00 on April 16, there are 47 cases of asymptomatic infection imported from abroad, including 21 cases in Heilongjiang Province and 26 cases in other provinces.