Hardcore! The academician live broadcasts agricultural products online, and the ability to bring goods does not lose "Li Jiaqi"!

You can't go shopping in the epidemic. Have you watched the live broadcast?

In the past, there were anchors such as Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, and then there were live broadcasts by county magistrates and celebrities, but no, in order to promote local agricultural products, the academicians also ended ...

Zhu Youyong, “Potato Academician”, and Deng Xiuxin, “Academician Citrus,” have a good record in their first show. Hundreds of thousands of watches and dozens of tons of agricultural products sold out ...

"Academician Citrus" and the governor of Zigui live broadcast: 1.25 million netizens watch 60,000 catties of navel orange sold out

Affected by the epidemic, most people choose online shopping. 24-year-old Wu Xueqi is one of them. One day she suddenly saw a familiar face on an e-commerce platform-Deng Xiuxin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the principal during her studies at Huazhong Agricultural University .

Deng Xiuxin is introducing Zigui Navel Orange to netizens on the screen at the moment, and he feels the food value from planting and mouth. In the end, he also emphasized that the fruit has no long legs and will not infect people.

The deputy head of Zigui County is introducing Zigui Navel Orange to 1.25 million users in the live broadcast room. For image

Zigui County is located in the west of Hubei Province, at the head of the Three Gorges Dam reservoir, and is a natural "fruit preservation warehouse".

Zigui is China's first "hometown of navel oranges". Ten years ago, citrus was planted in large areas across the country, and the purchase price of Zigui navel orange was only 3 cents a catty. Later, Deng Xiuxin, then president of Huazhong Agricultural University, introduced the new variety "Lunwan" from abroad to avoid the peak sales period of navel oranges. With the influence of the Internet, Zigui Navel Orange was sold all over the country.

Zigui navel orange was originally sold without any worries, but because of the epidemic this year, traditional agricultural product sales channels were blocked. "In the past three years, some people came to buy it, and it was a full month late this year."

Seeing that the fruit is going to rot in the ground, Zigui County chose to take the navel orange to the live room of the e-commerce platform. Deputy County Governor Song Junhua will introduce the characteristics of Zigui navel orange to netizens across the country. Deng Xiuxin, an "academician of citrus", will also "correct the name" of Zigui navel orange in the epidemic.

At 3 pm, Song Junhua appeared in the live broadcast room. He was teaching consumers how to buy good fruit. "Navel orange with elastic skin, uniform color and small belly button has the best taste."

After the live broadcast of Song Junhua, Deng Xiuxin, the "Academician of Citrus", took over. Deng Xiuxin introduced in the live broadcast that Zigui navel orange adopts the technology of "keep trees fresh". That is, the navel orange is not picked after it is ripe, and remains on the tree for 3 months. The special climatic conditions allow Zigui to be "spring in the evening, summer in the summer orange, autumn in the red orange, and winter in the Newhall".

Deng Xiuxin did not forget to emphasize in the live broadcast: Fruit has no long legs and will not infect people.

In the end, the live broadcast brought 60,000 pounds of navel orange, and many netizens left a message: wait for the next game ...

Live broadcast while digging potatoes, netizens: not enough to watch, overtime

Photo courtesy of a local kid sitting in a potato field

Towards the end of the live broadcast, Zhu Youyong, a "Potato Academician" wearing straw hats and military training rubber shoes, was digging potatoes while showing it to hundreds of thousands of onlookers. Originally planned for a half-hour live broadcast, the academician finally "brought the goods" for an hour. This hour attracted 540,000 people to watch. The nearly 25 tons of potatoes dug out that day were bought directly by netizens.

Yunnan Agricultural University President Sheng Jun took a live-action screenshot of a potato bigger than his face

The Lancang Lahu Autonomous County in Yunnan Province, located in the southwestern border of China, had already reached the harvest season. However, due to the epidemic situation, the traditional sales channels have not been fully restored, and there are still about 700 tons of potatoes waiting to be sold.

"Our Lahu brothers have no problems with production and planting, but they don't know much about the market and the brand. I want to really pass the harvested labor results to more people through my live broadcast action." Zhu Youyong said .

The academician took the fresh potatoes "bigger than the face" that he just dug and showed them to the camera. Behind him, Gong Laowu, a villager in Lahu ethnic clothing, picked up dozens of pounds of potatoes and showed a simple smile. Mu Gong / Photo

Not only bringing goods, as a former president of Yunnan Agricultural University, academician Zhu Youyong's live broadcast also made a demonstration for the "live broadcast of hometown, poverty alleviation and assistance to farmers" activity of 30,000 teachers and students of Yunnan Agricultural University. In this live broadcast of academicians, the president of Yunnan Agricultural University Sheng Jun also came to the live broadcast room. The two headmasters joined hands to broadcast live and spoke for Lancang's poverty alleviation potato.

Screenshot of live streaming of two principals on the same screen with potatoes

The live broadcast sells food, of course, there must be no shortage of how to eat, "green pepper potato shreds, vinegar and potato shreds, whatever you do, how to do how delicious!" Zhu Youyong and netizens recommended in the live broadcast ...

Zhu Youyong is demonstrating making potato shreds for illustration

"Lancang has plenty of sunshine in winter and a large temperature difference between day and night. The grown potatoes have good" skin "and smooth, and their" physique "is also large, more than one kilogram." Zhu Youyong introduced the method of potatoes while introducing. Just saying that he doesn't practice fake tricks, Zhu Youyong also showed his hand on the live broadcast, from shredding and ingredients to frying, and a plate of green pepper and potato shreds is just out of the pan! "Delicious and cruel!" Academician Zhu's craftsmanship was praised by the people present.

Zhu Youyong Live to do a screenshot of Potato Live

The guest president of Yunnan Agricultural University, Sheng Jun, was not idle. He picked up a "bigger than face" potato and used it as a microphone. While interviewing Academician Zhu Youyong, he did not forget to interact with netizens across the country. "Some people say that you two are really earthy, but we are actually very funny. It is the most earthy combination, and it is also the most funny combination, so it is called" potato combination "for short."

After digging potatoes in the field, Academician Zhu Youyong did not forget to show a wave of cooking skills to netizens. In the farmyard near Tanabe, a wok and two potatoes, a few minutes later, a plate of crisp and delicious green pepper potato shreds was released. Mu Gong / Photo

Academician's live broadcast effect 30,000 college teachers and students synchronize "live broadcast of hometown, poverty alleviation and farming assistance"

Lancang is located in the southwestern frontier and is separated from Myanmar. It mainly lives the Lahu ethnic group, a "straight-through nation" who stepped directly from the primitive society into the socialist society. More than 70% of the area is covered by forests and has excellent natural conditions, but it is a deeply impoverished county in the country. In 2013, the annual income per capita of the national poverty-stricken villages here was only more than 1,000 yuan. In 2015, the Chinese Academy of Engineering identified Lancang County as an academician expert for poverty alleviation through science and technology. Since then, Lancang has become Academician Zhu Youyong's second hometown.

At more than 1pm, Lancang's outdoor temperature has reached 30 degrees. Putting on a straw hat and picking up tools, Academician Zhu Youyong went straight to the field and dug up potatoes without saying anything. Zhu Youyong, who has been stationed in Lancang for five years, is already very familiar with the land here. Mu Gong / Photo

In the past five years, Zhu Youyong traveled through the fields of Lancang, introduced new varieties and improved planting methods, and finally led to the local hatching of winter potatoes that are "bigger than the face". Compared with potatoes in other summer producing areas in the country, Bright advantages, high output, excellent quality and good price.

"Before the academicians came, our land was idle in winter, and it was deserted. Now that we have potatoes, we are really happy. If we can earn more money, we can earn more." Li Yaqiong, a potato grower in winter, said.

Gong Laowu, the mayor of Zhutang Township, said, "If we calculate the 10,000 yuan per mu, the people will be very happy. From the perspective of poverty alleviation, we will go directly to a well-off life."

Screenshot of live streaming of two principals on the same screen with potatoes

Driven by academician Zhu Youyong's going to the countryside for poverty alleviation, on March 31, the president of Yunnan Agricultural University Sheng Jun issued a call to "live broadcast of his hometown and help farmers in poverty alleviation" to the 30,000 teachers and students of Yunnan Agricultural University-combining the expertise he learned Mobile Internet skills, set up live broadcast rooms on e-commerce and Internet platforms to help homegrown agricultural products get out of the mountains and reach consumers.

"There are many modes of teaching. In the past, it was more classrooms and PPTs. Now we turn practice courses into sales courses and poverty alleviation courses. It is both practice and actual combat." President Sheng Jun said in the live broadcast.

I heard that the academician was coming to live broadcast. Three local Yunnan Agricultural University students from Lancang rushed to the scene and started a PK competition with the academician. Mu Gong / Photo

Up to now, more than 10,000 e-commerce live broadcast rooms have been opened by Yunnan agricultural masters and students. After watching the academician's live broadcast, some students left a message and said, "I will return to my hometown after graduation, and use my energy in the field to really promote the agricultural products of my hometown.