The memorial service for Zhang Jingjing, a member of the Shandong Aid Medical Team, has not yet been held, and her husband has just returned home this morning

On April 13th, Peng Mei News ( learned from the relatives and friends of Zhang Jingjing, the head nurse of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine at Qilu Hospital, that at present, the memorial service for Zhang Jingjing has not yet been held. The specific matters will be handled by his unit, Qilu Hospital. The husband has returned to the country and has contacted his family, but has not yet met his family.

According to the official WeChat news of the People's Daily, in the early hours of April 12, Zhang Jingjing's husband, Han Wentao, landed on Xi'an Xianyang Airport by taking HNA flight HU492. Han Wentao and other passengers on board will be quarantined in Xi'an. After all passengers have no problems, the flight is scheduled to arrive in Beijing at 15:00 on the 12th.

According to previous reports from Peng Mei News, Zhang Jingjing, born in 1987, arrived in Hubei with the first batch of Shandong-assisted medical teams in Shandong Province at 2:30 in the morning on January 26. After completing the task of assisting Hubei, he returned with the team on March 21. Jinan, quarantine medical observation for 14 days according to regulations.

Zhang Jingjing had a sudden cardiac arrest at the end of the centralized isolation medical observation according to the regulations and was about to return home to rest. After the hospital organized the expert power of the hospital and used all possible means to rescue it, it was ineffective, at 18:58 on April 6, 2020 Passed away.

After Zhang Jingjing ’s death, Qilu Hospital issued a document saying, “During the rescue of Comrade Zhang Jingjing, all walks of life and netizens expressed their concern, love and blessings for her in various forms. We are deeply saddened and mournful for Comrade Zhang Jingjing ’s untimely death. My sincere condolences to the relatives of Comrade Zhang Jingjing. We will properly handle the aftermath of Comrade Zhang Jingjing. "

The Shandong Health and Health Commission also stated publicly, "After the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, Comrade Zhang Jingjing, as a member of Shandong ’s medical aid to Hubei, together with other members, actively responded to the Party Central Committee ’s call and went to the Huanggang line to successfully complete the tasks of counterpart support and use practical actions. Demonstrated the style of Shandong medical workers. We will properly deal with the aftermath of Comrade Zhang Jingjing with Qilu Hospital of Shandong University. "

The surging news reporter Zhang Jiaran