Alexia, Marie-Jeanne, Anna, Marie Louise, four young girls in the wind. - ZEPPELIN / SIPA

No c-word in this paper. Certainly, national, world and even sports or cultural news is centered on "This-Virus-Dont-On-Do-Must-Not-Pronounce-The-Name" (yes, we copied JK Rowling). And if dealing with this news mobilizes most of the time of 20 Minutes journalists, they also produce articles where the c-word is not mentioned. Here is our selection of the day.

1. We talk about hairstyle

The bigoudenes and their caps threatened with disappearance. We learned on Tuesday of the death of Marie-Louise Lopéré. It will not tell you anything, however, his "Pirates" had become cult thanks to Tipiak advertising. She was one of the last bigoudenes to wear the headdress. Isn't the object the secret of youth of the Bigoudenes?

2. The facial expressions of a mini-footballer

While the Italian championship is stopped, the goalkeeper of Juventus Wojciech Szczesny plays with his little boy. The reaction of the free kick taker after his father's stops cannot leave you insensitive (or else you have no heart).

3. The end of binge-watching?

Disney + was launched on Tuesday in France and the platform broadcasts at the rate of one episode per week its original series like The Mandalorian . Why curbing binge-watching is Disney + a good idea?

And as a bonus, this video of the pink Super Moon that we observed this week.

And to extend this moment of tranquility, here is Dans ma bagnole, our podcast dedicated to the songs that marked you in the family car, on the road for holidays or Easter weekends.


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