[Commentary] On the afternoon of April 11, the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government reported that 11 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed in Hong Kong, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases increased to 1,000.

【Explanation】 The newly confirmed patients involved 5 men and 6 women, aged between 19 and 59 years old, 10 of them have travel records, including 2 international students.

【Explanation】 Since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia, the Hong Kong SAR Government has taken a series of measures to prevent imports and prevent local transmission. The epidemic peaked at the end of March, with the highest number of confirmed cases in a single day reaching 65. The number of confirmed diagnoses has declined recently, but the Department of Health pointed out that the public should not take it lightly.

[Same period] Zhang Zhujun, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Centre for Health Protection, Hong Kong Department of Health

Although the number of (diagnosed) has dropped, it seems that people in the community seem to have increased their outings. In fact, we really should not take it lightly. In fact, this disease is more troublesome, and many of them are recessive patients. In fact, everyone does not have antibodies. When you relax, you will naturally spread more (opportunities). It seems that this is the case in the world.

Reporter Li Yuqi from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]