Should physical activity be maintained despite the measures taken to slow the coronavirus epidemic? How to do it, when you live in an apartment for example? And how do top athletes do it? Europe 1 answers the questions you have about sports during confinement.

This is one of the first questions that came to the mind of athletes at the announcement of confinement, but also among many French people worried about the consequences of a new sedentary lifestyle on their health: can we keep physical activity despite the coronavirus epidemic? What is allowed, what is not? And what do doctors recommend? Europe 1 takes stock. If the answer to any of your questions is not found in this article, do not hesitate to write us on the Europe 1 Twitter account #RadioOuverte or call us at 3921!

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Should I keep physical activity during confinement?

Yes, it is the doctors who say so. Stopping all physical activity leads to muscle wasting, which can trigger bone, joint or tendon problems. But also and above all a cardiovascular risk, likely to reduce your ability to fight the virus if you catch it. Find all the details here.

What movements are doable at home?

It is advisable to do "cardio", usually put to the test when running, for example: it can go through knee lift movements, heel-buttocks or "Jumping Jack", known as gestures of warming up of soldiers. Without neglecting the maintenance of muscles, with abs, pumps or sheathing sessions. Find all the details here.

And top athletes, how do they do it?

Like everyone else: they adapt. "We can't go from thirty hours a week to nothing," explained discus champion Mélina Robert-Michon. Like her, who has recovered a bar and weights to train at her home, all athletes are forced to maintain their level as they can. Find all the details here.

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Is it really dangerous to jog, even in the countryside?

The conditions of transmission of the virus are still being studied by infectiologists, some of whom believe that the wind could carry the infection. The principle of confinement also remains to limit the number of people we meet to five per day. The rules should therefore be scrupulously observed. Find all the details here.

How not to gain weight during confinement?

It's not just physical activity that affects weight: diet also matters. If you have to rethink the way you move, it is therefore advisable to think, too, about your way of eating - without depriving yourself excessively, for example by cooking a low-sugar dessert rather than consuming a packet of cakes. Find all the details here.


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Will my gym membership be refunded?

It all depends on the brand. Only Club Med Gym has so far suspended the levies of its subscribers whose rooms are closed. The others, like Neoness or the Circles of Fitness, offer to extend the subscription for as long as the confinement lasts, or to offer sessions to a loved one. Find all the details here.