China News Service, April 10, according to the Heilongjiang Suifenhe City Government website, recently, Suifenhe City's new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters issued a notice expressing its efforts to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and give full play to The power of "watching each other" accepts donations of protective materials including medical N95 masks, medical surgical masks, medical alcohol, and medical protective clothing.

Types of materials accepted

Protective materials: medical N95 masks, medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks, medical alcohol (75% or more), medical protective clothing, isolation clothing and other protective objects.

Body temperature detection equipment: fully automatic infrared body temperature detector, handheld infrared thermometer.

Disinfection materials: medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, medical hand sanitizer and other related materials.

Material requirements for accepting donations

All kinds of donated materials require that within the warranty period, the products of regular enterprises meet the national quality standards, and the outer packaging is intact and free from damage. For material donation, please contact by phone first to communicate the donation intention and donate after confirmation.

In principle, all donated materials will be uniformly deployed and used by the material security group of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Command, giving priority to the protection of frontline medical workers and epidemic prevention and control staff. All donations will also be used to purchase epidemic prevention and control materials.

Donors and recipients earnestly perform the donation procedures and do a good job of handing over materials. The material security group must strictly register the entry and exit, establish a use account, and accept social supervision.

Donation channel

Contact person and telephone: Fu Guoqiang 3937070 13946385859

Donation address: Material Security Section, Epidemic Prevention and Control Command, No. 92, Guanghua Road, Suifenhe City, Heilongjiang Province

Donation channels:

Account name: Suifenhe City Finance Bureau temporary financial account number: 0903029029264058088

Opening bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone Suifenhe Sub-branch

Image source: Heilongjiang Suifenhe City Government Website