Sagamihara City 6 new infections confirmed New coronavirus 20 April, 20:51

Sagamihara City announced that six men and women aged between 10 and 70 living in the city were newly infected with the new coronavirus.

According to Sagamihara City, the newly confirmed infections were all teenage college students living in the city,
男性 A male employee who works for a company in the prefecture in his 20s,
パ ー ト A woman who is a part-time employee in her 70s,
男性 A male employee working at a U.S. military base in the city of his forties,
男性 A male employee who works for a company in Tokyo in his 30s,
男性 There are six men in their forties.

Of these, men in their forties are hospitalized at a medical institution in the city for the possibility of pneumonia and undergo treatment such as oxygen inhalation, but the symptoms of the other five are mild.

Regarding contact with the infected people, it was said that a female part-time employee in her 70s had entered and exited the workplace on the 8th, where a female employee of a group employee found to be infected worked. Is not confirmed. The city is examining the history of actions and is working to identify close contacts.

The largest number of infected people announced on the 1st in Sagamihara city so far, and a city official said, "There is a sense of danger that the wave of Tokyo, where the number of infected people is rapidly increasing, is imminent. I want them to raise their awareness of crisis even more. "