Kumamoto City New males in their twenties confirmed infection In 24 people in the prefecture New Corona April 10 21:05

Kumamoto City has announced that men in their twenties living in Higashi Ward have been newly infected with the new coronavirus. In total, 24 people have been confirmed infected in Kumamoto Prefecture.

The newly confirmed infection was a male executive in his 20s who lives in Higashi-ku, Kumamoto.

According to Kumamoto City, this man had a fever on the 3rd of this month, and since he had symptoms such as abnormal taste and smell, he consulted a medical institution in the city, and on the 9th he consulted a returnee / contact center. As a result of the examination, it was confirmed on the afternoon of the 10th that it was infected with the new coronavirus.

His symptoms were mild, and he was hospitalized on the 10th at a designated medical institution for infectious diseases.

Although the man has not traveled abroad for the past month, he has been in Tokyo for work since last month 22nd to 1st this month, and the city is examining the man's detailed history of behavior.

With this, 24 people were confirmed infected in the prefecture.

At a news conference, Mayor Kazufumi Onishi of Kumamoto City stated, "New infections have been confirmed continuously, and we would like to ask citizens to stay out."