Kochi Prefecture Five new infections confirmed, two of which use a bar for outbreaks April 19:48

It was confirmed that five new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Kochi Prefecture. In Kochi prefecture, infection was confirmed in 54 people.

Newly confirmed infections were men in their 30s who lived in Kochi, a bank clerk, men in their 60s, and women in their 20s. In addition, there are five self-employed men in their 70s in the western part of the prefecture and a 50-year-old dental hygienist living in the Central East Health and Welfare Center. Of these, four are close contacts of those who have been confirmed to be infected so far.

The bank employee is working at the Kochi Bank's Ochi branch in Ochi Town, Kochi Prefecture. The bank announced the infection of the male on the night of the 9th, and closed the store where he works on the 10th.

A male employee was using a bar in Sukumo City, which was run by a woman who had already been confirmed to be infected. The patient had symptoms such as fever on the 7th of this month and was confirmed on the 9th.

A self-employed man also used the same bar as a company employee on the 27th of last month, and after that he developed symptoms such as fever, and the infection was confirmed on the 10th.

The bar is "Slightly Bar ZIP" in Sukumo City, and the number of infected people related to it is 6 in total over multiple days, so Kochi Prefecture may have developed a cluster "cluster" of infected people. I think.

The female employee of the school corporation was a grandchild who lived with the woman who was confirmed infected on the 8th, had a fever on the 9th, and was confirmed infected on the 10th.
The prefectural government believes that the possibility of spread of infection at work is low, as it has not been to work since 4th of this month.

A female dental hygienist responded to an infected man who visited a dental clinic on the 30th of last month as a patient and an olfactory abnormality appeared. The infection was confirmed on the 9th.

The current symptoms of all five are mild. In Kochi prefecture, infection was confirmed in 54 people.