Governor of Hokkaido `` self-restraint such as welcome party this weekend '' April 10 21:25

On October 10, 13 people, including preschool children, were confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus in Hokkaido on October 10, and Governor Suzuki said at a press conference that the number of cases exceeded 10 for the third consecutive day for the first time. The number of survivors was double digits for three consecutive days, so we examined whether it was necessary to refrain from going out. However, there are many cases where the route of infection has been grasped, and 70 inpatients are currently secured. With 300 beds, there is no growing danger of an urgent need for medical care. "

On the other hand, "If the number of infected people keeps changing as it is, there is a possibility that the infection will spread further, so please make sure to avoid so-called three densities this weekend, and an unspecified number of people gather and eat and drink together for a long time. We would like you to refrain from holding welcome parties and so on. "