Request to go to Fukuda Governor Tochigi's `` Emergency Declaration Area '' and refrain from going out April 10 20:35

In light of the increasing number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Tochigi Prefecture, Governor Fukuda of Tochigi Prefecture will hold a temporary press conference, and will have to go out of the prefecture from the weekend to the 22nd of this month for residents of the prefecture. And called for self-restraint of movement.

In Tochigi prefecture, 32 people infected with the new coronavirus were confirmed by the evening of October 10, and Governor Fukuda held a temporary press conference in response to the fact that the number had doubled in the past week.

Governor Fukuda said, "Infections are rapidly spreading throughout the prefecture, and it is necessary to ask residents of the prefecture to go one step further in order to prevent them from becoming a target area of ​​the" Emergency Declaration. " Said.

Then, "To prevent further spread in the prefecture, we ask that you refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings throughout the prefecture from this weekend until this month, until this month. It is in an important stage whether the expansion will continue or not, "he called on to refrain from going out of the prefecture along with the traffic to the area where the Declaration of Emergency was issued.

According to Governor Fukuda, the infection has spread to younger generations under the age of 30. High, especially I want you to raise your awareness of the crisis even more. "