Sino-Singapore Online Online, April 10 (Reporter Xu Mingrui Correspondent Ge Xiaoli) A few days ago, volunteers Tang Jian and Zhao Thanksgiving, who had just come down from the front line of the Shanghai Jinshan Corridor, embarked on a journey to stay in Pudong Airport. Work for one week, rest for one week, and work in three shifts.

Service, you must compare your heart

"Hello, we have free mineral water, bread and milk on our side." April 6 was Tang Jian's first duty day. More than one o'clock in the afternoon, he received two compatriots who returned to Jinshan from Taiwan, Tang After registering their information, Jian sent them some food. In the break waiting waiting area, Tang Jian found that the couple had been standing, not sitting on the rest chair, and looked a little nervous. Immediately went to get a bottle of sterilized water and sterilized the seat carefully. "Thank you, thank you very much." The couple then sat down steadily, waiting for the departure notice of the special bus back to Jinshan with peace of mind. "Service, it is necessary to compare the heart to the heart." Tang Jian carefully discovered the couple's anxiety, and also expressed great understanding, and successfully appeased the anxiety.

"I'm finally back. It's still my motherland." A family of four from New York took a 14-hour flight and landed at Pudong Airport at 23:30. Tang Jian helped them to escort their luggage all the way back to the gold bus. A family of four The grandmother said this emotion. "I can feel their tiredness, but I can also feel their excitement and peace of mind after returning to Shanghai. This grandma's words gave me an unspeakable warmth and pride." Tang Jian said.

In one week, Tang Jian took two classes from 8 o'clock to 16 o'clock and two classes from 0 o'clock to 8 o'clock. The rest of the time was to rest in the dormitory. "Actually, I am used to it. I have been volunteering when I was under the corridor, day shift + night shift. Now I just changed a place to continue volunteering. I feel that this is a very common thing and I didn't think much about it." Tang Jian Quite frankly.

Volunteer Tang Jian works on the front line of Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Shen Haishe

"You worked hard, welcome home"

"It's finally 'opening' on the fifth day," Zhao Xingyi received the first person to return to China during his volunteering at the airport. "You have worked hard, welcome home." This is the first sentence Zhao Geng said to him. After registering the information, Zhao Thanksgiving helped him take the luggage to the bus. When I came to the Pudong Airport as a volunteer, Zhao Thanksgiving was also very upset at first. This is the front line of the epidemic prevention, and there are too many uncertain factors. However, he came resolutely and took every job seriously. He said: "I think everyone who returns home can feel the warmth of the motherland." This is the belief of every soldier.

Zhao Xingyi is a veteran, and he has the character of a soldier. This time, he came to Pudong Airport with Tang Jian as a volunteer. Although his family was very worried about him, he also had a solid sense in his heart. After all, he had been a soldier for two years. After returning from military service, he worked in Langxia and worked as a staff member in Guangming Village. He has been on the front line of the fight against epidemic disease from the third day to the present, registering the information of the corridor staff in the village, and serving them well; volunteering at the centralized observation point, 12 Every hour. Talking less and being able to endure hardships is his first impression of his colleagues.

There are two points and one line at the hotel and airport, an 8-hour work period, and a meal time of about 15 minutes per person. As long as you leave the work point and return to the work point, you must change a set of protective clothing. Therefore, in order to avoid wasting materials, Tang Jian, Zhao Thanksgiving and volunteer partners do not drink water during working hours.

There is no specific risk factor, there is no definite end time, only the courage and effort to stick to the end. From the grassroots to the airport, different battlefields, the same war epidemic, Tang Jian and Zhao Thanksgiving are all the way forward on this volunteer service road. (Finish)