Again, even if the number of additional confirmed patients has decreased, it is not yet a safe step. So, it is better to refrain from gathering events or gatherings, but I am worried that more and more churches are planning to resume field worship for Easter on Sunday (12th).

Reporter Kim Young-ah.

<Reporter> This is Sarang Cheil Church, which is carrying out field worship services even in the event of a ban on assembly.

We continue to meet every day, ignoring Seoul's charges.

[Sarang First Church Information Message: Every Monday to Saturday at 8 pm, there is a prayer meeting for the Old World at Sarang First Church. We look forward to your attendance.]

The high-intensity social distance has been extended, but the number of churches holding field services is increasing.

In Seoul alone, the number of churches that held on-site worship service last Sunday was 1,914, up from 100 from Jeonju.

It is expected to increase further this week.

Geumran Church and Saemoonan Church, which have been closed, will resume on-site worship on a condition of limiting the number of participants this week.

Onnuri Church chose to worship in a car in a large parking lot.

Authorities repeatedly asked the religious community to cooperate.

[Jung Se-gyun / Prime Minister: I know that there are many places to organize small meetings for Easter this weekend. I can't help but worry.]

Explain that churches preparing for on-site worship are inevitable due to the high demands of believers to attend Easter.

However, in a poll conducted by Protestants who attended online worship services, 70% of respondents said that they had to stop on-site worship for the public good.

(Video editing: Seungjin Lee, VJ: Oh Se-gwan)