[Explanation] At 11:53 on April 8, the G1722 train slowly entered the platform of Shanghai Hongqiao Station No. 7 and became the first train from Wuhan to Shanghai after the closure of the city at zero. The car was the "Fuxing", and 681 passengers arrived on the same day.

According to reports, at present all passengers entering and leaving the station are subject to temperature measurement. If the body temperature exceeds the relevant regulations, 120 will be handed over to follow-up work. After the Wuhan Railway resumed passenger traffic, the Shanghai Railway Station also strengthened the prevention and control of the station, mainly for arriving passengers, while ensuring timely and orderly exits, and also allowing passengers to undergo temperature tests within a specified time.

Passenger Ms. Chen was stranded in Wuhan because of her New Year's home. Her husband and daughter are in Shanghai. Usually, she can only rely on video calls to ease her thoughts. She told reporters that the journey back to Shanghai was smooth, and she missed Shanghai and her daughter very much.

[Same period] Passenger Ms. Chen

I went back on January 19 until now. (Want to think of Shanghai) Think, definitely think.

[Commentary] Ms. Ye returned to Shanghai with her friends. She smiled and said that returning to Shanghai was very reassuring. The first thing after going back was to take off her protective clothing and take a shower.

[Same period] Passenger Ms. Ye

The heart is very surging.

[Commentary] The reporter learned from the Shanghai Railway Station that according to the demand for resuming production and resuming passenger flow, on April 8th, there were a total of 17 trains departing from Shanghai's three major stations and returning to Shanghai.

Reporter Xu Mingrui from Shanghai

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]