Osaka's symbol Tsutenkaku also closed temporarily.Emergency Declaration Visitors drastically decreased April 9 16:50

Tsutenkaku, a symbol of Osaka, continued to operate while taking preventive measures against infection, but for the time being, the observation deck was temporarily closed from the 9th.

Tsutenkaku, the birthplace of kushikatsu, rises in the Shinsekai, where more than 1 million people from Japan and overseas visit each year. We have been operating with anti-infection measures such as open tourism.

However, last month the number of visitors dropped to 40% of the same time of the previous year, and on the 8th day after the emergency declaration was issued, only 30 people were the lowest so far .

Many local residents have said that Tsutenkaku is a symbol of Osaka and we hope you will do your best until the end, but in response to this situation, you have decided to close from 9th.

Takatsumi Takai, President of Tsutenkaku Kanko Co., Ltd., said, "I believe that I have completed my responsibilities for the local economy and continue to operate as a regional landmark. I would like to work with the local people again to revitalize the region at the shining Tsutenkaku. "

Although the observatory is closed, the underground food section of Tsutenkaku is still open, selling unsold souvenirs at airports and stations in various parts of Kansai for about half the usual price.

While souvenir shops in each region are closed, they want to reduce food loss as much as possible.