Beijing News (Reporter Fan Shuo) On April 8, Nanjing City issued the "Ten Measures for Supporting the Promotion and Employment of College Graduates in Nanjing" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures"). The threshold for settlement is directly from undergraduates under 40 years of age. Settled down to 45-year-old undergraduate staff can be settled with a diploma. In addition, the number of settled people has expanded to college degree personnel, and college students under the age of 40 can be settled in Nanjing for half a year after they are employed in Nanjing.

Graduate degree or above, undergraduates under 45 years old can settle directly

"Measures" proposes that graduates and above, under 45 years of age undergraduate education (including returning students, part-time graduate students), can be settled in Nanjing with a diploma. Persons with a college degree under 40 years of age can be settled in Nanjing for half a year after taking up employment.

Nanjing City, March 2018, the "Nanjing City Implementation Measures for University and College Talents and Technical Skills to Settle in Nanjing (Trial)" stipulates that graduates with a graduate degree or above or under 40 years of age and a bachelor's degree (Including those returning from study abroad), those with intermediate and higher professional and technical qualifications, and those with third and higher national vocational qualifications (skills) can settle directly in Nanjing. The new settlement threshold proposed by the "Measures" has been reduced from the previous 40-year-old undergraduates to 45-year-old undergraduates who can settle with a diploma. In addition, college graduates have also entered the coverage of the settlement policy.

"Measures" proposes to implement a talent housing subsidy system. Doctors, masters, and bachelors who meet the requirements for application can enjoy a housing rental subsidy of up to 36 months at a rate of 2,000 yuan, 800 yuan, or 600 yuan per person per month. Nanjing proposed to accelerate the construction and supply of talent apartments, and build 7,000 sets of talent apartments of approximately 500,000 square meters within the year. In addition, Nanjing will also expand the service of purchasing housing for talents, and extend the application policy of the relevant enterprises in the "Nanjing City for the Purchasing of Commercial Housing for Talents (Trial)" to relevant undergraduate graduates in this category to enjoy the same.

Fresh graduates engaged in self-employment can be deducted from related taxes

"Measures" proposes that a one-time interview subsidy of 1,000 yuan will be issued to foreign college graduates who come to Nanjing for job search. Encourage enterprises to hire college graduates who meet the qualifications, and within 3 years, they can be given 7800 yuan per person per year in accordance with the actual number of recruits in order to reduce or exempt concessions. New recruitment of small and medium-sized enterprises by college graduates and senior engineers, technician classes (preparatory technician classes) and vocational education graduates of special education colleges, who signed a labor contract for more than one year and participated in insurance, will be 2,000 yuan / People are given a one-time employment subsidy.

Graduates of colleges and universities engaged in self-employment within the graduation year may deduct the relevant taxes and fees in accordance with the annual limit of RMB 14,400 per year within 3 years after they have gone through business registration. Expand the selection of outstanding university students' entrepreneurship projects and grant 100,000-500,000 yuan in grants, and grant a maximum of 3 million yuan in relay investment to the projects with good development prospects.

The "Measures" stipulates that college graduates from 6 types of difficult groups such as urban and rural low-income families can apply for a one-time job search and entrepreneurship subsidy of 1,500 yuan / person and corresponding employment guidance and entrepreneurial assistance.