Popular video distribution of flowers Jindai Botanical Park closed on new corona April 9 15:10

In the botanical gardens in Tokyo, which were forced to close due to the effects of the new coronavirus, we reduced the number of times we introduced the best-seeing flowers on the SNS, but the number of browsing and comments has increased, so we posted images. And strengthening our efforts.

Tokyo Metropolitan Jindai Botanical Park, located in Chofu, Tokyo, is one of the largest botanical gardens in the Tokyo metropolitan area where approximately 4800 types of plants are displayed, but has been closed since 28th of last month due to the new coronavirus.

The event was canceled because visitors were not accepted, and the number of images of flowers that were in full bloom was introduced on Twitter about once a day.

However, as the number of browsing and comments has increased with the movement to refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings, recently, we are strengthening our efforts by posting multiple images a day.

NHK asked the staff to take a picture of the work with a smartphone.

On this day, three types of camellia were posted on Twitter. Of these, "Jindai Miyakotori", which has pale pink flowers, is a variety found in this botanical park.

In addition, it also introduces `` Yabre Gaza '', a grass that looks like a torn umbrella, and a rare image of cherry blossoms covered with snow when snow fell in Tokyo at the end of last month. Comments such as "I'm glad to meet new flowers" and "I feel spring".

Jindai Botanical Park has already been closed until the 6th of next month, but taking advantage of the situation of no visitors, replanting plants and renovating facilities, it is more busy than before closing. It means that you are living every day.

Yoshihiro Iimura, Chief of Public Affairs and Dissemination, said, “If I thought that nobody was coming to the park and I was not interested, I knew that everyone was looking at the park, and it was encouraging for the employees. I want to be in a good condition. "