Emergency Declaration Separation between Tokyo and the country due to suspension of work and shortening of time.

Tokyo has been discussing specific business formats and facilities with the government over requests for closure following a declaration of emergency, but department stores, home centers, and barbers, which were originally targeted, will not be included. It is adjusting with. However, there are gaps in thinking about closing down Internet cafes and pachinko parlors and shortening business hours at izakayas, etc.If you do not get the understanding of the country, you must announce the target as a Tokyo-specific request separately from legal measures. Is also considered in the field of view.

Tokyo has been in talks with the government to publish specific business formats and facilities on the 10th in response to a request for business closure for businesses that have received a national emergency declaration.

In the original plan of the capital before the emergency declaration was issued, department stores, home centers, and barbers were subject to closure requests, but depending on the parties concerned, as a result of consultation with the country so far, it has not been included. That is, we are making adjustments in the direction.

On the other hand, in addition to the closure of entertainment and recreational facilities such as internet cafes and pachinko parlors, shortening of business hours for restaurants, including izakayas, is required between cities that want to be requested and countries that do not need it. There is a gap in thinking.

The country's basic response policy, which was revised in response to the emergency declaration, stipulates that prefectural governments, in consultation with the government, determine the effect of requests for voluntary self-restraint on requests for leave of absence. It is said that the outcome of the emergency declaration will take effect two weeks later, such as significantly reducing the chances of contact with the city.

It is said that the infection has spread more than in other areas, such as confirmation of infection exceeding 1000 people in the city, and it is necessary to urgently take countermeasures. We are also considering making the target public as a request.

Governor Koike of Tokyo told reporters on the 9th that "we would like to focus on the sense of speed because it is not easy to open our store unless we clearly indicate whether we can open the store or not." He stated that he would like to aim for implementation from the 10th.