Emergency Declaration Net Café Closed Some people who are in trouble and lost their place are 15:58 on April 9

In response to the declaration of an emergency, while Internet cafes are closed one after another, those who have been sleeping at the Internet cafes have actually lost their place and are in trouble. He said that support groups are receiving a series of consultations, stating that "it is necessary to hurry to secure accommodation and fund support."

Following the declaration of emergency, several affiliated Internet cafes, such as Gran Cyber ​​Cafe Bagus and DiCE, have been temporarily closed in Tokyo.

A 40-year-old man who has been sleeping at an internet cafe for three years has lost his day-to-day work and has almost lost his money due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

According to a survey in Tokyo, it is estimated that there are about 4,000 people living and sleeping at internet cafes without a home per day, and the city has come up with a measure to provide temporary housing to these people. In other words, they are in a hurry to prepare 400 new apartments and private apartments.

The man visited the window opened by the city on August 8 to apply, and although he was determined to be able to receive support, he was merely told that "I will contact you if I have a room, so please wait." , So-called homeless support groups.

The man said, "I was hoping this would help me, but I wasn't asked if there was a place to stay tonight. I didn't know when to get in touch, and I was told," I'm willing to die on the street. " It ’s as if I ’m just worried. ”

It means that support groups are receiving many consultations from people in similar situations.

Kenji Seino of the support group "TENOHASI" consulted by men said, "If the Internet cafe is closed all at once, it is clear that there are not enough rooms in the 400 rooms prepared by the capital. Many people have to stay home. They can be ill and become ill, leading to the spread of infection. It is necessary to secure accommodations and provide financial support in a hurry. "