Emergency Declaration Kobe's Restaurant Normal Business Stopping Takeout Lunch Sales 15:58 on April 9

In response to the emergency declaration, some restaurants in Kobe have stopped selling their regular business and started selling lunch boxes for take-out.

Kobe Samgyeopsal, a Korean restaurant in Chuo-ku, Kobe, has been closed since the end of last month due to the new coronavirus.

The company was scheduled to resume business on October 10, but due to the declaration of an emergency, the normal business of providing meals in the store was canceled, and lunchtime lunch boxes were sold.

This means that the price of the steamed chicken lunch box has been reduced to 380 yen so that the neighbors can easily come to buy it.

A housewife in her forties who came to buy a lunch box said, "I am afraid of infection, so I am not eating out, but I am happy because I can eat at home with a lunch box."

Atsushi Kokubo, the CEO of the store, said, "I heard from a nearby worker that the restaurant was not open and that he was in trouble. I was talking.