A street in Changzhou pushed the owners of "swipe face into the community" to worry about privacy being leaked. Police: not forced

There is no need to swipe the access control card when entering the community, just "swipe your face". Before the new technology brought convenience to the residents of Sanjing Street, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, many people began to worry that personal privacy might be leaked.

Recently, residents of multiple communities in Sanjing Street reported to Peng Mei News (www.thepaper.cn) that they were forced to install the "Face Recognition" WeChat applet, and must upload face photos, enter their home address, mobile phone number and identity Card number.

The above residents said that after logging in to the relevant page, they were surprised to find that the relevant WeChat applet was developed by a private company, and the page was flooded with a large number of advertisements. Therefore, they worried that once the personal privacy information was leaked and used by the merchant for profit, The consequences could be disastrous.

In response to this, on the afternoon of April 8, the Propaganda Committee member of the surname Min, Sanjing Street, Xinbei District, Changzhou, said that "face recognition into the community" is an intelligent pilot of social governance promoted by the public security line. The Mitsui Police Station is specifically connected with the community and properties. Relevant issues involved are subject to the public security department's statement.

The Mitsui Police Station of the High-tech Zone (Xinbei District) Branch of the Changzhou Public Security Bureau responded to the surging news that due to the greater control pressure on the entrance and exit personnel of the community during the epidemic, the 13 community property companies in Sanjing Street adopted the recommendations of the police station and piloted the "face recognition cloud gate system" . The installation of technology equipment such as face recognition in each community belongs to the behavior of the community property. Neither the Mitsui Police Station nor the relevant communities have participated in the investment and construction nor benefit distribution.

The Mitsui Police Station stated that the system is equipped with two sets of door opening methods for faceless recognition of entry and exit or the use of WeChat applets. For the doubtful owners who have no mandatory requirements, they can still use the access card to enter and exit the community.

"Brush your face into the community" to save privacy leakage risks?

According to Mr. Zhao (Hua surname), a resident of Daming City in the district of Mitsui Street, one evening in late March, when he and his wife came home from work to enter the gate of the community, they suddenly saw a man in uniform holding a copy "Book" showed him and asked them to scan the code to install the "face recognition" applet.

The “Report to All Owners” provided by Mr. Zhao shows that the Mitsui Police Station and Mitsui Subdistrict jointly informed the owners that “... Face recognition hardware is in place and zero-touch door opening is used. The authorization work will start on the same day. The owner ’s authorization work ends and the door is in control The card function will be canceled, and the face recognition system will be officially launched. After face recognition is enabled, the owner can open the door by using the mobile phone applet or swiping face. "

According to Mr. Zhao and other residents, in order to obtain the authorization to open the door with a face, you must upload face recognition photos as required, and also fill in personal information such as your home address, mobile phone number, and ID number.

According to the statistics of multiple residents in Mijing Street, at present, the elegant garden, Fuxi Garden, Daming City, Fudi Julong Garden and other communities have installed face-brushing equipment.

Many residents said that the face-sweeping device and related WeChat mini-programs were developed and operated by a private company called "Qinlin Technology". If the personal information of the residents is collected by the company, they worry that they may be "precisely marketed" and suffer continuous harassment of advertisements. In addition, these residents also questioned whether there is a benefit transfer behind this.

Resident Mr. Zhao said that according to the "Report to All Owners", if the owners do not enter personal information after the expiry, they will not be able to swipe their faces to open the access control system, and they will not be able to enter the community smoothly. For this reason, this kind of "face-flushing access control", which was enforced without soliciting opinions from residents, caused heated discussion in many communities.

"The community is shared by the owners. Entering the community is the owner's most basic right. You can only enter by brushing your face. This restricts or deprives the owner of the basic rights." Resident Mr. Chen (surname) said.

Street: Face recognition access control system is promoted by the police station

According to the "Changzhou Daily" report, on the morning of March 5, this year, the signing ceremony of the first batch of "Internet of Things + Smart Communities" in the Xinbei District of Changzhou was held at the Mitsui Police Station, the secretaries of 6 communities such as Chaohu and Qinling, and the properties of 11 communities. Representatives attended the signing ceremony.

According to reports, the Mitsui Police Station introduced the concept of "Internet of Things + Smart Community" and added 146 sets of face recognition cloud access control in 11 communities. Users can enter the community through face recognition and WeChat applet. The purpose of this is to "respond to the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic situation, and refine and improve the work of the management of home isolation personnel, the management of floating population elements, the investigation of hidden dangers, and the service of the masses."

According to the "Changzhou Daily", the "Face Recognition Cloud Access Control System" was created by Pro-Neighbor Technology, which can collect data 24/7 and integrate it with public security big data. Once a suspicious situation is found, it is easy for the public security organ to carry out verification and implementation at the first time Control.

Tianyancha revealed that Changzhou Qinlin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2017, and its business scope includes computer information system integration services, data processing services, and computer software development.

Regarding the business model of the face recognition access control system developed by Qinlin Technology and its privacy protection issues, Surging News contacted relevant persons of Changzhou Qinlin Technology Company. The other party said that it is not convenient to reply.

Mitsui Subdistrict and its subordinate Mitsui Community and Qinling Community all said that the face recognition access control system is an intelligent pilot project of social governance promoted by the Mitsui Police Station. The street and community are only "cooperating with the police station" to guide residents how to install. "Owners can enter the community by swiping the access control card. It is not necessary to install it (face recognition applet), but mobile workers such as tenants must install it."

The propaganda committee member of the Ming surname of Mitsui Street told Peng Pai News that the "Report to All Owners" issued by the community was issued by the police station, and the street signs were also included. Therefore, related issues related to the promotion process are "subject to the public security department's statement".

The face recognition door WeChat applet looks like an e-commerce platform, and there are many ads on the page.

Police station: "Swipe face into the community" is not mandatory

In response to residents ’doubts about the“ Face Recognition Cloud Gate Access Control System ”, on the evening of April 8, the Mitsui Police Station responded to the surging news that during February this year, during the epidemic prevention and control, Mitsui Police ’s inspection and control of the Shimao Champagne Lake District entrance control When the situation occurred, it was found that the community installed face recognition equipment at the entrance and exit, and scientific management and control by means of "face recognition" and "WeChat applet" can effectively prevent non-community personnel from entering and leaving at will and causing cross infection and other hidden security risks.

After that, the Mitsui Police Station and relevant communities conducted serious research and believed that the "Face Recognition Cloud Access Control System" was worthy of promotion in other communities, and then contacted the equipment manufacturer Changzhou Qinlin Technology Company.

According to the Mitsui Police Station, in December 2019, the neighboring technology company has operated the entrance and exit face recognition technology equipment in the residential areas such as Gelin Spring in Jingan District, Shanghai, which has been highly recognized by the residents of the community. Moreover, the manufacturer also provided a three-level protection certificate obtained in accordance with the "Administrative Measures on Information Security Level Protection", as well as relevant certification documents such as technology, equipment, and qualifications certified by the Ministry of Public Security.

In view of this, the Mitsui Police Station stated that it communicated with the relevant communities and selected 13 communities with high population density and complicated security conditions according to the epidemic situation control, and issued recommendations to the community property companies to install the "face recognition cloud access control system" .

Immediately, the above-mentioned 13 community property companies all expressed their willingness to participate in the pilot project, and the property companies used the "deposit + rent" relatively low-cost method to purchase the services of the neighboring technology companies.

The Mitsui Police Station told Peng Mei News that on March 5 this year, Qinlin Technology Company and each community property company signed service purchase agreements respectively. Qinlin Technology Company provided face recognition equipment and operation and maintenance services. The company owns it unilaterally, and the property does not participate in any benefit distribution.

"At the same time, neither the Mitsui Police Station nor the relevant communities have participated in the investment and construction, nor the distribution of benefits. Therefore, the installation of technology equipment such as face recognition in each community belongs to the behavior of the community property." Mitsui Police said.

In addition, the Mitsui Police Station also said that the face recognition access control system is equipped with two ways to open the door: invisible face recognition access or WeChat applet. Owners who have doubts about the above two ways of opening the door can still use the access card to enter and leave the community without compulsory requirements. At the same time, the police station will maintain close contact with the property and the community, further strengthen the guidance and management of the property company, improve the security coefficient of the community, and create a safe and stable social security environment.