The meeting took place via the Internet and the purpose was to exchange experiences between EU member states on how governments have handled the impact of the corona crisis on the culture and the media landscape. Culture Minister Amanda Lind (MP) was told about Sweden's efforts.

- I highlighted Sweden's efforts both in terms of culture and media and our general efforts for companies. Among other things, I emphasized that it is very important that we safeguard the free culture for a vibrant Europe and for our democracy, ”says Amanda Lind.

800 million

The EU has stepped in through a regional policy initiative, the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative, with support measures of € 37 billion, which will go to SMEs in Europe in need of financial support.

- It is about SEK 800 million that will benefit Sweden through the Swedish Growth Agency. There, the cultural sector could benefit from the support, as there are both small and large companies in the entire creative sector, says Amanda Lind.

TT: Were any new measures presented during the meeting?

- We talked about the importance of providing different types of support at both national and European levels during this acute phase, but also thinking about measures ahead. The Chairman presented two digital platforms, one where you can exchange experiences between countries on efforts and one where you have a dialogue with the cultural creators themselves. There you can discuss what could be important initiatives going forward to have a vibrant and rich cultural life in Europe even after the corona crisis.

Aroused interest

When it comes to the media situation, Amanda Lind says that the culture ministers discussed the paradoxical fact that advertising revenue has fallen while demand for news is great.

Nevertheless, few of the member states have made any special support to the media. Sweden and Denmark are two countries that have done so, which aroused the interest of the others.

- I felt that the others were interested in listening to how we thought. Of course, different things were emphasized in their speeches, but I am glad that many emphasized the importance of independent journalism and that was something I really pressed on in my speech, says Amanda Lind.