China News Service Zhuzhou, April 9 (Correspondent Yu Yongbo, Guo Dan and Zhao Yajing) Due to continuous heavy rains, a large-scale slope collapse occurred on the Yanru section of the Wushen Expressway on the 9th, resulting in a two-way traffic interruption. There were accident vehicles on site. Casualties.

At 3:44 in the morning, the maintenance emergency team of the Yanru section of the Wushen Expressway received a dangerous report, saying that G0422 (Wushen Expressway) K514 + 200 was north to south (5 kilometers south from the Yandi Mausoleum Toll Station). The slope of the area collapses and the highway is blocked in both directions. After receiving the report, the Yanru section maintenance emergency team immediately started the relevant emergency plan, and organized small repair and maintenance units in the jurisdiction to rush to the landslide site for disposal.

According to the preliminary survey on site, the collapse of the mountain slope is about 80 meters, the average earth and stone height is 3 meters, and the amount of collapsed earth and stone is about 8,000 to 10,000 cubic meters. The Hunan Expressway Group Zhuzhou Branch and the maintenance and road administration personnel who rushed to the site for emergency treatment, and the Yanling Expressway Traffic Police to guide the on-site evacuation of the detained vehicles at the site, and arranged the small repair and maintenance unit to transfer the cargo of the accident vehicle, and placed the safety cone and warning signs The card completes the diversion at the far end of the collapse point.

The high-speed traffic police reminded that due to the large amount of earth and stone, the double-width traffic could not be opened in time, and the time to get through was to be determined. Please pass by vehicles passing by. The detours are: go north from the Nakamura toll station, take the 106 National Road to Yanling West toll station, and go south from the Yanling West toll station, and take the 106 National Road to the Zhongcun toll station.

At present, the high-speed traffic police are also implementing the southbound entrance of the toll station of Chaling, Huanxi, Yandi Mausoleum and Yanling West of G0422 Wushen Expressway, and the northward entrance of the toll station of Chuanxing, Nakamura, Bamianshan, Shatian and Tianzhuang Traffic control. At the same time, the entrances of Yanling East and Shennong Valley toll gates of G1517 Puyan Expressway are also under control, and vehicles cannot enter or exit. (Finish)