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"Post-85" nurse Zhang Jingjing: Spring breeze ten miles, just to send you

Editor's note

On the evening of April 6, Shandong University Qilu Hospital issued an obituary. Zhang Jingjing, the first batch of medical aid team members from Shandong Province and head nurse of Qilu Hospital's Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, died after all efforts to rescue.

Upon hearing of this bad news, a reporter from China Youth Magazine contacted a number of members of the Shandong Medical Team for Aid to Hubei and learned that they were in great sorrow. The hospital is currently assisting the family to properly handle the matter.

From January 25, when he conquered Hubei to March 21, he left Hubei and returned to Jinan. 33-year-old Zhang Jingjing previously supported the Huanggang Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center for 57 days.

With ten years of working experience in the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Zhang Jingjing once said: "To support the frontline, you must go!" To this end, she sent her 5-year-old daughter to her parents' house until she left to tell her husband.

After 14 days of centralized isolation medical observation, Zhang Jingjing was supposed to return home on the morning of April 5, but he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in the morning. After full rescue, he did not save his life. After being informed of the bad news, Han Wentao, the husband who is building Africa, sent a circle of friends to mourn, "There are no more people, I haven't returned home", which is tearful.

To support Huanggang City, where the epidemic is serious, Zhang Jingjing and colleagues started from nothing in the Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center, divided the isolation area, the doctor-patient channel, and formulated a standardized work process.

In order to solve the communication barriers between Shandong medical team members and local dialect patients, she also initially developed a "Nursing Patient Communication Manual" for the whole team. "As a medical worker, we must stand up when the epidemic is severe. The motherland and the people need us more. We have an obligation to build a shield for the country and build a great wall for the people." Zhang Jingjing said.

The discharged patients expressed their gratitude to the respectable medical staff:

"I am also a" post-80s ", but I did not know that your nursing staff can do so much for the patients, so well ..."

"She gave me hope of rebirth!"

"Your bright eyes and the figure of companionship in the middle of the night are my motivation for persevering day after day!"

"Never forget a girl from Shandong called Zhang Jingjing!"

April 7th is World Health Day, and China ’s propaganda theme is “Salute for medical care and fight against the epidemic”.

Today, let's reread the anti-epidemic diary left by Zhang Jingjing's nurse, and miss the good girl after the "85s" together.

Huanggang people, we will always be a family

On March 21, 2020, the epidemic went to spring and the mountains and rivers were intact. Qilu's children, do not disgrace the mission, today's theme is triumph. There is no incurable pain, no incurable sinking, all the lost will return in another way.

Diseases and disasters will become the dust of the years. Today, there is no hysterical crying, no despair and darkness, the spring breeze blows the cherry blossoms here, and one tree after another becomes a cloud of the sun, and here, the disease has ravaged Under the icy land, it is spring.

The new crown pneumonia swept through the silence of the Spring Festival. It "stretched teeth and danced claws", which made people panic, fear and even sad. But we know that all the rampant will pass, and in this sudden darkness, more light will come in.

I still remember January 25, the New Year ’s Day of the Gengzi year, the most family-friendly day in the minds of the Chinese people. The five of us went to Huanggang, Hubei, and there were some worries about it. , There are still children in the family, and there are elderly parents.

At the Dabieshan Regional Medical Center, we have nothing from the beginning, we have defined a standardized isolation area, doctor-patient channel, formulated a standardized workflow, and then watched fewer and fewer patients with our own eyes, until the last two patients were discharged, Huang Gang Cleared.

We know that we have won. This victory did not come easily, but it is inevitable. Everyone said that there are four major regiments in the Chinese medical community: North Union, South Xiangya, East Qilu, and West China West. Today, Shandong Qilu and Hunan Xiangya are both In Huanggang, victory is inevitable.

Whenever the language is not available, Zhang Jingjing and colleagues will come up with the self-made "Nursing Patient Communication Book", and ask the patient to understand through the text

I wanted to return as quietly as when I first came, but the gratitude of the people on this land I love moved me. An aunt who once lived in our ward, made a special trip to the hotel where we were stationed to visit us the day before yesterday. Today I knew we were leaving and came again. If you do n’t want to say goodbye, the tears endure and endure, and you always want to separate. But we will always be a family. When the azaleas bloom next year, I will definitely return to Huanggang to feel the spring blossoms!

The convoy set off to the airport. The crowd sending people by themselves was moving. There were countless farewell banners on both sides of the road and above the residents' buildings: "Ten spring breezes, just to send you" "Thank you for moving forward for us, thank you for fighting for Huang Gang "I haven't met you, but I remember you" ... Huanggang citizens took the highest courtesy to send us off, and there were children who were babbling in the crowd, raised by their father to the top of their head, and said to us: "Qilu Love, remember for life, thank Shandong, and thank you. "There are also versatile primary school students painting us, telling us to follow us as an example, and grow up to be like us, bringing positive energy to us Huanggang teenager. I feel that the two months of difficulty, hardship, and extraordinary significance.

Before leaving, we received a lot of boiled eggs, which is the local custom of Huanggang, and the eggs were given to the closest ones. This is a lovely group of people. If our help to Huanggang is the grace of dripping water, they will return to us the number of Yongquan. Moreover, under the Xinglin gate, saving lives and helping the wounded is duty-bound.

We are rooted in this land, fearless of all trials, because this is our dream place. Even if the thorns are still there, it still leads to the top of the mountain. It is worth our non-stop footsteps and our persistence.

Wish to protect this prosperous China with the youth of my generation!

Producer: Pi Jun