• Astronomy: the most special supermoon: Easter, pink ... and the biggest and brightest in 2020

On the night of this Tuesday, April 7 to Wednesday, April 8, the full moon has left spectacular images in the skies of Spain. It is a Pink Supermoon , the largest and most luminous of the year when the perigee occurs, closest approach to the earth.

For the first time, the April Full Moon has caught citizens confined to their home due to the state of alarm. This has caused many to decide to photograph the pink full moon from their windows.

View of the supermoon at 6.30 am this Wednesday in San Telmo, MallorcaEFE

The Moon behind the Gran Sol Hotel in Alicante | EFE

View of the full moon tonight in Madrid | EFE

The Moon from the rooftops of San Lluís, Mallorca | EFE

Regarding the name of Luna Rosa , Rafael Bachiller , director of the National Astronomical Observatory, explains that "it is an American use, without roots in Spain, where we have always called the first full moon of spring the Easter Moon . In some places it is also called called the Egg Moon, the Seed Moon, or the Sprout Moon . "

In any case, it is a very special Moon that has also been enjoyed in the skies of many parts of the world.

The pink full moon over the sky in Las Vegas, USA | AFP

The Supermoon over the Boston skyline | EFE

Pink full moon over the sky of San Salvador | AFP

Moon seen from Caracas, Venezuela | REUTERS

The next Supermoon , which will be the fourth this 2020, will arrive in just a few weeks. Specifically, the full moon will be seen the night of May 6 to 7.

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