Hiroshima Prefecture Newly confirmed infection of 4 people In total of 24 people New type coronavirus April 8 21:24

Hiroshima Prefecture announced on the evening of the 8th that it was newly confirmed that four people were newly infected with the new coronavirus in Miyoshi City, Higashihiroshima City, and Fukuyama City, and this confirmed the infection in Hiroshima Prefecture. 24 people.

Of these, a woman in her 80s in Miyoshi City had symptoms of fever on the 28th of last month and was hospitalized at a medical institution in the prefecture and was diagnosed with influenza. On the 8th, the infection of the new coronavirus was confirmed. Symptoms of pneumonia are still seen, and the symptoms are relatively severe. According to the county, the woman met a relative living in the area where the emergency was declared on the 24th of last month.

A man in his 40s office worker in Higashihiroshima City had a fever and no symptoms on the 2nd of this month, so he recuperated at home, but the symptoms did not improve. It was confirmed that the infection was confirmed as a result of the examination on the 8th. According to the prefecture, the current symptoms are stable. The man also has a home in Osaka Prefecture and stayed from 27 to 30 last month.

Two cases of infection were confirmed in Fukuyama City. Of these, a male employee in his 50s suffered coughing symptoms on the 1st of this month, followed by fever and malaise. He visited the institution and performed an inspection on the 8th, which confirmed that the infection had been confirmed. According to Fukuyama, the man was visiting Kobe on December 23, when an emergency was declared.

The other was a man in his forties working in a restaurant, and suffered a slight fever and sore throat on the 31st of last month. As a result, he visited three medical institutions from 1st to 7th of this month and performed an examination on the 8th. Infection was confirmed. According to Fukuyama City, both of them are symptomatic but stable.

Now 24 people have been infected in Hiroshima prefecture.