A hospital of the finest therapeutic facilities in Japan apologized for a "fatal and unforgivable error" after 40 trained doctors attended a party, and 18 of them were infected with the Corona virus.

Keio University Hospital said that one of the trained doctors was confirmed with the virus last week, and the examination showed 98 people who had contracted 17 of them with the virus.

The hospital confirmed that 40 trainees attended the ceremony after working hours, and that 14 of those who attended showed that they had tested positive for HIV.

"What happened was a fatal and unforgivable mistake on the part of the trainees," said hospital director Yoko Kitagawa. "Unfortunately, they lack the self-awareness required to be doctors," he added.

Despite Yoriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo, called on people not to go out on the weekend and avoid evening gatherings, life remained in the Japanese capital as usual in light of the spread of the Corona virus.