The La Riviera de Mougins nursing home in the Alpes-Maritimes. - YANN COATSALIOU / AFP

  • The Covid-19 killed 34 people in the same Ehpad in Mougins.
  • Tests carried out on the other residents have made it possible to detect 33 positive cases and 19 suspected cases which will be placed in two “sealed” sectors from Thursday evening.
  • The management of the epidemic in this nursing home is the subject of several investigations, in particular after the filing of a complaint against X.

The mayor of Mougins Richard Galy, himself a doctor, describes "something apocalyptic, a massacre". In this town near Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes), the new coronavirus has already killed nearly a third of the residents of the same Ehpad of the Korian group, in just two weeks.

And, in recent days, the Covid-19 has made new victims on the floors of La Riviera, this nursing home. What is the situation today? 20 Minutes takes stock.

What is the outcome of the epidemic among residents?

The new coronavirus had already killed 31 people, between March 20 and last weekend, among the 109 residents of this Ehpad installed in the commune of Mougins. Tuesday evening, the management of the Mouginoise structure said that three other people had "died in the past 48 hours". "All our thoughts are with their bereaved families and loved ones," she said in a statement.

Families who have already expressed doubts about the good management of this epidemic. The prosecutor of the Republic of Grasse said over the weekend that a complaint against X for "endangering the life of others" had been filed by the relatives of a resident. "An investigation is underway," said Fabienne Atzori.

How many other residents have tested positive for Covid-19?

They had been demanded for several days in particular by families, the mayor of Mougins and Charles-Ange Ginésy, the president of the department of Alpes-Maritimes, who wanted "their generalization in all Ehpad". Screening tests for the new coronavirus were finally carried out on the other residents of La Riviera. And the verdict fell on Tuesday: "On 75 tests performed, the laboratory tells us that 33 are positive, 23 are negative and 19 are inconclusive, that is to say that they can suggest a suspicion of Covid-19 without being positive, ”says management.

With these results, how will the Ehpad be reorganized?

This weekend, the managers of this Korian group nursing home planned to establish two "waterproof parts" to separate residents who tested positive from the others. "In light of these 19 inconclusive tests, on the recommendation of the ARS [Regional Health Agency Paca], three separate sectors will be set up within the establishment", each in a different wing, finally clarified the direction Tuesday evening. Either "one for residents tested negative", "one for residents tested positive and symptomatic" and one "last for residents tested positive but asymptomatic and for residents tested inconclusive".

Our file on the Covid-19

This new organization with three watertight sectors, which will not be effective until Thursday evening, will include three separate healthcare teams. They will not "cross paths since they have changing rooms, rest rooms, and different elevators," notes the Korian group. Staff tests had shown that 14 of the 50 employees of the nursing home were positive for Covid-19.

Will responsibilities be established vis-à-vis this "slaughter"?

Could another management of the epidemic in this Ehpad in Mougins have made it possible to avoid deaths among the residents? This is the question that families are asking, but also now the justice system, which has received a complaint. In the meantime, the Korian group, owner of the retirement home, but also the Paca Regional Health Agency are singled out. "Since March 16, every day we have cried for help and nothing has happened," the ARS "has certainly been slow to take stock of the situation because it was the first in the region," pointed Charles-Antoine Pinel, general manager France seniors of the Korian group, interviewed by Nice-Matin .

Also in the regional daily, the departmental delegate of the ARS indicates having asked the establishment, from March 19, "to comply" with "the national doctrine" established in the case of a "confirmation of three cases positive within an establishment ”. It "requires a spatial organization providing in particular a dedicated sector for confirmed patients, a sector for other people with suggestive symptoms and a third for asymptomatic residents", details Romain Alexandre. The official said that an "ARS inspection", an investigation in short, was "launched since Monday" with, on site, four stakeholders from the organization and "an infection prevention expert from 'an outside teaching hospital'.

In its press release published Tuesday evening, the management of the Ehpad argues that "the ARS teams on site were able to note during their visit that the establishment had sufficient personal protective equipment and that the staff so far there were also many personnel ”.


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