I am hot dry noodles

Chinese New Year 2020

I'm very unhappy

Cough, fever, difficulty breathing

The doctor said I was sick, it was pneumonia

It's all caused by the new crown virus

Tell the truth, I'm a little scared

Fortunately, my brothers and sisters are with me and care about me

Grandpa Zhong Nanshan said, I am a brave child

I decided to isolate myself

Although such a day is a bit sad

But i don't want to infect other siblings

In the days of self-isolation

Brother and sister invited me to the best doctor and nurse

Turn over the box and bring the best specialty food

The elder brother said, what is missing, enough!

The elder sister said that everything in the family will move to you!

The younger brother said, there is not enough, don't be polite!

My sister said, there is nothing now, we will work overtime for you!

There are also many loved ones who have sent me messages to cheer me up

Vulcan Mountain Thor Mountain Hospital rose from the ground

A number of sheltered hospitals built at the speed of light

Medical experts gathered in my room

The soldier in white said to me "must heal you"

Brave volunteer says "I'll help you"

With them, I'm not afraid of abominable viruses

My condition is getting better day by day

After 76 days of fighting

I can finally "release quarantine"!

Doctor nurse uncle aunt

And brothers and sisters say

Healthy me is the best gift for them

Reluctantly send away

Batches of doctors, nurses, uncles and aunts

I agreed with them

When I am completely healed

I invite everyone to board the Yellow Crane Tower

Enjoy the beautiful river view

Looking forward to meeting you next time

Everyone must be healthy!

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]