Vaccine Clinical Trial Started US Pharmaceutical Company New Corona World Third Third at 9:12 on April 7


Innovio, a US pharmaceutical company, announced on June 6 that it has started a clinical trial to confirm the safety of a new coronavirus vaccine under development. This is the third vaccine in the world to go into clinical trials.

Innovio, with the support of the CEPI (Infectious Disease Prevention and Innovation Coalition), a worldwide collaborative organization for vaccine development, has begun developing a new coronavirus vaccine in mid-January.

The vaccine was confirmed to be effective in animal experiments, and clinical trials were started in Pennsylvania and Missouri on June 6.

Forty healthy adults will be vaccinated twice at four-week intervals to confirm their safety, and if they do well, they will be able to use the vaccine urgently at the end of the year doing.

The vaccine under development is a new type called “DNA vaccine” that works on the genes of human cells, and is expected to significantly reduce the time required for development and production compared to vaccines using conventional viruses. You.

However, since no vaccine of this type has been put to practical use, the greatest focus has been on whether it is effective in preventing humans in clinical trials. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 60 vaccines against the new coronavirus are currently being developed in each country, but only in China and the United States. It is the third after pharmaceutical companies.