The matter should not stop at the extent of disclosure of the exposures on the group «NMC», and the matter can not be left without follow-up and verification and scrutiny, and there can never be any accomplices, neglected, and heedless, let each of them receive the penalty that they deserve, and most of all The competent authorities can never allow the repetition of what happened. Controls, penalties, deterrents, new procedures, conditions, and fundamental structural changes in all banks and banks must be made by compulsion, not by choice, and who does not know how to manage the affairs of banks ’funds. Let the government intervene by appointing someone who deserves to occupy these. Sensitive and vital positions.

Society is tired of what is happening in banks, they are wasted money and wealth, deliberately wasted, and by known negative practices, from well-known people, who are certain and not others, they have repeatedly done, and their methods are known and clear, and everyone who deals with them knows them, yet no one stops them, and they do not hold them accountable No one, and one of the bank officials did not remove them from their sensitive positions, until a number of them managed to escape with a lot of money, and in easy ways, so how is that ?! And what did banks do to stop it ?!

Not long ago, the concerned authorities at the airport arrested a bank employee, and he is trying to leave the country, after he was able to withdraw 600 million dirhams from the bank's customer accounts, and electronically transfer them out of the state, and it is strange that he did this despite the end of his services from the bank, and the stranger From that, his arrest was not due to the transfers of the said amount, but rather because he presented a check for 15,000 dirhams to a person, and he forgot to distribute it to him, so he was seized and prevented from traveling because of a check without a balance for a small amount, before the bank discovered the major blow that he carried out And it would have succeeded in it had it not been for this unaccounted mistake!

Doesn't that call for standing on our banking systems ?! Doesn't that require the knowledge of the defects ?! Although the imbalance is almost clear, the measures that must be taken are still slow and not convincing, which makes government intervention an imperative, because it is very clear that the boards of directors have never been able to stop these embezzlement and manipulations, and it does not seem that they can stop them!

Necessity requires the formation of a committee from the Public Prosecution and the Central Bank, which begins immediate investigations on the issue of bank exposure to the "NMC" group, these investigations will reveal the hidden, and the areas of negligence, and will expose the hotbeds of corruption if any, and expose everyone who colluded or facilitated the task, and you will know to The reason for this complicity, and will put her hand on the wound, and the other hand on the medicine, it is necessary, and legal legal solutions must be put forward, the money wasted is public money, it should not be tolerated for its loss, but everyone who contributed to its loss must be punished and held accountable!

We hear a lot about the manipulations of some bank officials, from that category that you know, and for the benefit of their fellow citizens, to the extent that negotiating the price of the financing commission has become a natural and normal thing, and approval for financing cannot come without this commission, or rather "bribery", This is what should be eliminated if it is proven that such practices exist, and this is what you should seek to know about the authorities responsible for the investigation, and if this is true then there should not be a single corrupt in his chair, nor should it just be the decision to end the service is the punishment, it is a criminal case And deserving of the application of the penal code and its most severe clauses, tampering with The national economy can not be tolerated!

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